DIY Iridescent Green Earrings with Fusion Beads

Well I'm back from Jamaica! Coming home from vacation is always so bitter sweet.  It is nice to be back home but come on, can we REALLY say there's no place like home when Jamaica exists??? I'll have a recap post up later this week, but for now let's all get back into the swing of things with a new jewelry tutorial!

Today's post features beads from Fusion Beads - a great online resource for quality beads and findings! They have an AMAZING selection to chose from. Fusion Beads sent me a few beads to play around with and I really liked the selection from the Iridescent Green color family.

  I decided to use the 6mm pearls, 4mm pearls, 6mm crystals, and 4mm crystals to make a cute pair of earrings!

Here's how to make your own pair!

Cut four pieces of 20 gauge wire about 3 inches long using wire cutters

String on five beads each of the 6mm & 4mm pearls and crystals.  Use your fingers to bend the wire slightly into a curve

Use needle nose pliers to bend the ends of the wire up in a 90 degree angle

Use wire cutters to trim off the ends into just a short tail

Next use round nose pliers to bend the wire back down into a circle 

Repeat for the other beads as well

Grab a short piece of small gold chain and cut off 6 sets of 3 links and 2 sets of 5 links 

You're now going to connect the four wire bead links with the 3-link chain pieces using needle nose pliers.  Connect the 5-link chain piece to the very top link.

Here's how it should look connected on both sides:

Grab a small jump ring and use needle nose pliers to connect the two pieces of 5-link chain at the top of the earring together, and add on an earring wire as well.

Here's how the finished earring should look!

Repeat the same steps for another matching earring.

 That's all there is to it! This design almost reminds me of a ladder.  But a cute and sparkly ladder :)

 This type of earring would also look really nice in an ombre pattern. Or instead of using regular beads for the whole earring you could swap out pendant/dangle beads for the last row! Or you can just make it as is.  I don't normally pick out green beads for myself but I really like the iridescent finish on these beads and think they make a great pair of earrings!

For lots of more FREE project ideas check out Fusion Beads' inspiration gallery. You can also connect with them on facebook, instagram, and their blog!

Happy beading!


  1. I'm sorry you had to leave Jamaica :( But I love these totally fun earrings! And I LOVE Fusion Beads! When I lived in Seattle I used to go to their actual store waaaay too often. I'm so going to make a pair of earrings like this for summer!

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