DIY Wire Wrapped Circle Earrings

Happy Monday everyone! I'm looking forward to this week a lot because when it's done I leave for Jamaica!!!! Woot!!! I'm so excited for our vacation :) But I have to get through this week first so why don't we start it off with another fun DIY jewelry project? How about some....

DIY Wire Wrapped Circle Earrings

These are a pretty easy wire-work project to start with.  And you don't have to be perfect at wire wrapping to make a pair - mine isn't at all! If you want to give it a go, here's how to make them!

Needle nose pliers, wire cutters, two crystal beads, two circle components, earrings wires, thin gauge wire, and round nose pliers and jump rings (not pictured) 

Using wire cutters, cut about a 6 inch piece of wire

Thread the wire through the top of the crystal bead and bend the wire into a triangle shape above the bead (only need a very short tail on the one wire end).  Use needle nose pliers to hold the wire in place.

Wrap the short wire tail around the long wire stem a few times directly above the needle nose pliers you are using to hold the wire in place. 

It should look like this without the pliers there:

 Use wire cutters to trim off the tail of the short piece you just wrapped, and then use round nose pliers to bend the long wire stem into a loop directly above the wraps.

Bring the tail of the new loop directly beneath the wraps on the stem

Start wrapping to fill up the triangle space above the crystal bead 

Wrap until you have filled up all the space above the bead and wrap over the bead a bit like so:

Use wire cutters to trim off the extra tail.  Next grab your needle nose pliers and a jump ring and connect the wire wrapped dangle onto the gold circle component.

Then use a smaller jump ring to connect the jump ring holding the bead to an ear wire (this will let the earring lay correctly - if you just connected the ear wire to the jump ring holding the bead the earrings would lay sideways when you wear them!)

Repeat for another matching earring, and then you are done!

These gold circle components were really the inspiration for these earrings - I love finding cool findings like this.  I found these in a bead store in Virginia when I was a sophomore in college - I've been holding onto them for awhile trying to find a good use for them! I just have a little bit of a bead hoarding problem :)

But after the years of waiting I'm glad I finally used them and am so happy with how these earrings turned out.  PS- if you like them too but don't want to try to DIY they are for sale in my etsy shop! now my tutorial is the week over yet???? Ugh, maybe I shouldn't be looking forward to this week, the waiting is killing me! I'm ready for those tropical blue waters :) I'm hoping to pop back in later this week with a final weight loss update before we head out to Jamaica, so stay tuned for that!

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