Life Post Jamaica goes on after Jamaica.  Unfortunately we can't all be on vacation all the time :) I thought I'd share some pictures of life after vacation thus far!

Jefferson spent the whole week at my inlaws while we were away.  They have two dogs and a HUGE fenced in backyard so needless to say he was POOPED when we came home.  He basically slept for three days straight!

I also started a new job the Monday we got home from vacation, I decided to start wearing lipstick to work now, makes me feel just a little more professional :)  Especially since I'm the youngest one in my department I feel like I need to appear a little extra grown up, haha! 

The bushes in the front of my house just started blooming after we got back from our trip, so I cut off a couple pretty booms to display in our family room; they were so pretty! They also made both me and hubby VERY sneezy but it was...almost worth it ;)

Hubby goes camping a lot on the weekends and instead of bringing a tent he sets up a hammock.  He set it up in our backyard over memorial day weekend and I tried it out and MAN. Was that thing comfy!!We were having friends over at the time and I maaaaaay or may not have hung out in that hammock for like 20 minutes instead of playing host haha. Whoops!

Since hubby goes camping a lot on the weekends though I get left home alone a lot.  BOO! I entertain myself by drinking a lot of wine, binge watching on episodes of Revenge (just started watching this show and now I'm addicted!!!) and beading.  I miss him while he's gone but I guess it's not so bad after all when there is wine and beading involved ;)

One of my bffs is getting married this month, so while hubby was away I made her a custom pair of my pearl and crystal wedding earrings to wear on her big day. Only 28 days away!!

This weekend was one of the few that hubby was NOT going away so we had a fun time on Saturday visiting two local wineries.  We go wine tasting a lot, but always go about an hour away from home where there are a lot more wineries to visit.  This weekend we stuck close to home and visited two wineries less than 15 minutes from our house.  The first one was Country Creek Winery that was very rustic and located in the second story of a barn.

They were so rustic that they didn't even have wine glasses to drink from haha.  Even in plastic though it still tasted good and it was a beautiful day to just sit sipping wine while looking out at the country side!

Of course the company was pretty decent as well!

The second winery we went to was located right around the corner from our house! It just opened this fall and I was surprised to find it on a google search while try to plan our afternoon. It's called A'Dello Winery and was such a nice place to visit!

We tasted a couple wines inside then bought a bottle to sit outside with and enjoy.  They had live music playing and everything!

Drinking wine in the middle of the afternoon on a beautiful sunny day....I guess life back from Jamaica isn't soooo bad after all :)

Anyone else have any fun adventures this weekend??

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  1. What a fun weekend! Those ear rings are GORGEOUS! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures