Fresh Flowers: The Easiest Way to Suck up to Women

As a young, married woman there are two times a year I can count on getting flowers.  Once on Valentines Day, and once on our wedding anniversary.  We are still fresh enough into our relationship that my husband Shawn knows that on these two significant dates, fresh flowers are expected and required unless he wants to put up with some serious whining from me!!  My flowers normally arrive while I am at work. I work with a lot of people older than myself (and consequently who have been married much longer) who joke about how they just don't bother with flowers anymore, isn't young love sweet, yada yada.  They kind of play it up as being trite and even a slightly trivial/excessive gesture, but it really doesn't bug me.  Why? Because I'm the one with a beautiful vase of flowers on my desk and come on, would my coworkers really think it was so excessive or would they really be dissapointed if their husband had flowers delivered to them out of the blue??? I think not!

I know mostly girls read my blog (after all, it is called My Girlish Whims) but just in case any men are reading this I'd like to let you in on a little secret.  Regardless of what your girlfriend/wife/significant other may say, fresh flowers are ALWAYS a good idea!!! Any girl is lying if she claims otherwise!! There is something so traditionally romantic about the gesture of having flowers delivered, you'd think more men would pick up on the fact that this is a very EASY way for us ladies to warm up to you.

I would also like to insist that having fresh flowers delivered sometime other than Valentines Day or an anniversary gets extra bonus points.  For example, last week my husband was away for an entire week volunteering with the Civil Air Patrol at a week long encampment. Now, I am glad my husband has a hobby and an activity he enjoys but lately it's been taking up WAY too much of his time and has been making me grumpy.  He's been gone a lot of weekends in a row at conferences and camping trips and it all culminated in him being away for a whole week and I was ticked off about it!! He knew I was annoyed so he did come home for one night in the middle of the week and said he was sorry and would not commit to so many events in a row anymore, but there is only so far a "sorry" goes when you are sitting home alone by yourself for the fourth night in a row and throwing yourself a pity party ;)  I know Shawn couldn't come home early like I really wanted but he COULD have had flowers delivered to me just as an extra way of saying, hey I know you are unhappy with me right now and here is a physical item to show you that I really am sorry.  I'm not saying I would have forgiven him on the spot but I definetly wouldn't have been so ticked off anymore haha :)

It's a simple gesture but something that is super easy for a guy to do no matter how far away he is from you since internet sites make it so easy now! For example, Fresh Flowers offers a wide variety of floral gifts and arrangements with SAME DAY delivery available.  So he doesn't even have to give his romantic gesture much advance planning :)

Fresh Flowers offers many different options for whatever occasion is necessary: some bright and cheerful flowers when you just want to bring a smile to her face....
 Or a single rose with a bottle of some bubbly for those moments when you really need to say I'm sorry I left you for so long and I promise to make it up to you but in the meantime here's some alcohol for you to drink so you forget how mad you are at me right now.  What, you don't just love everyone in the world after half a bottle of wine or bubbly too??? ;)

Fresh Flowers makes it EASY for guys to suck up to us.  And you know what? I'm ok with it being easy, as long as it involves me getting flowers in the end! If you feel the same way be sure to like Fresh Flowers on facebook to help send a little hint hint to your special someone!

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are 100% my own


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