My Jewelry Featured in AC Moore Stores!

So AC Moore stores have a new line of bead strands out called Nichole's Bead Shop.  Along with a bunch of new inventory all AC Moore's have a lot of new advertising/inspiration photos for the line featured in stores.

Andddd see that necklace right there? And that bracelet right there?
Yeah. I made them :)

And even this necklace right here!

Ok, obviously I think this is a little cool! It's so awesome walking into a store and seeing something you made right there in front of you! You may have remember me blogging about vising the Cousin Corporation headquarters back in February with all of the other Cousin ambassadors. While we were there we had a two hour design session where we got to play with and create pieces with the beads in the new Nicole's Bead Shop line! We had two hours to make a necklace, earring and bracelet set and I baisically felt like I was on project runway but for jewelry and just needed a Tim Gunn to pop out yelling MAKE IT WORK :)

While at Cousin I designed the pink/purple set.  Full instructions can be found online!
Then after I got back home from the trip I had a chance to design some gold pieces that were featured on A.C. Moore on facebook !

Here's a close up of those projects:

 Instructions for the gold necklace, bracelet and a set of earrings can be found online on AC Moore.

I really love how all of these project turned out and it was a fun design challenege as well as I was very limited in what supplies I could work with.  I think designers always prefer to pick out their own craft materials but somethings being forced to work with a set amount of beads and findings can really push you to be innovative and creative!

So next time your in an AC Moore, be sure to swing by the jewely section and take a peek and the new bead line!


  1. How cool for you! You do amazing work. Congratulations!


  2. That is so awesome!! What a thrill to have your work professionally featured :)

  3. Congratulations! That's very exciting!

  4. That is so cool Rebecca! They loved your work so much that they are using it to represent their store! You're semi-famous now! Congratulations!

  5. You did so well! Gorgeous pieces indeed ❤️

  6. That's awesome, Rebecca!! Congratulations!! I'd be taking tons of selfies! :)

  7. Wow! Gorgeous jewelry, Rebecca ... congratulations! That is so exciting. I especially loved the mixed strand necklace. Pinning and adding to my to make list:)