I am very happy today!!!!!

It might just have a littleeeee something to do with this!

I'm finally under 200 pounds!! AHHHH!!
Now, let me preface this by saying that I know this is still not an ideal weight for my body but it is SUCH a big step for me.  The title of this post is 246, and if you couldn't guess, that's what weight I started at in January. It was the heaviest I've ever been in my life! I've been a little intimadated to share my actual weight on my blog here because that's a HUGE number! I've told a couple people now that's what I started at and most of them have said they couldn't see that at all.  That I didn't look like 246 pounds.  But honestly? I felt it. I kept seeing my body change in ways that were not pleasant. Stretch marks on your belly when you are 23 and not even pregnant? No thank you. It really was time for a change.

Now that I'm getting close to hitting the 50 FREAKING POUNDS mark and 20 FREAKING PERCENT of my body weight though, I'm confident enough to throw this up on the internet for the world to see.  Gulp.  At least I think so...

As of Thursday morning as I write this, I am down a total of 47 pounds which is a 19.1% change from where I started.  I normally space my weight loss updates out about a month but I was so freaking happy about FINALLY getting under 200 pounds I had to come share a little early :)
I don't have any super great before & afters (maybe I'll work on that for next time!!) but here's a nice gym bathroom selfie comparison.  I'm nice and sweaty on the right (I'd call that some MAJOR boob sweat) but you can totally tell how much smaller my waist has gotten! There is totally not as much belly bulge either :)

My favorite thing to compare is still my face though.  I've really noticed the change there.  I like to take selfies so much more now!!! #sorrynotsorry

I kind of sort of actually genuinely enjoy exercising now. GASP. My Monday night Zumba class is one of the highlights of my week!!! Exercise is such a consistent part of my schedule right now so it's just natural that I have to fit in some sort of activity everyday.
I don't even hate running TOO much anymore.  It's still hard work but I can feel myself getting better at it which is such a motivation to me. Plus it helps that I am starting to accumulate a ton of really cute workout clothes (like this top from Fabletics, freaking OBSESSED with that website right now.  More on them later!!!). I would much rather throw on a cute coordinating exercise outift (I am just a little obsessed with matching...) than a baggy tshirt to run in any day. 
I'm also still being pretty dedicated about cooking healthy dinners during the weeks. I have COMPLETELY learned how healthy food can still taste delicious, you just have to put a little effort into finding a recipe that uses fresh ingredients and seasonings for flavor instead of relying on gobs of cheese or cream. We went to the beach with my parents two weekends ago and I offered to cook something for dinner on Saturday so I could make something that was good AND healthy. We made grilled shrimp tacos and seasoned the shrimp with old bay seasoning and a little butter.  Served it on wraps with some brown rice, lettuce and my favorite homeade sauce to make: an avacado crema.
As a side note, we were at the beach so we were able to get fresh shrimp instead of the frozen kind I normally get at the grocery store at home.  I had to get a lesson in peeling shrimp, because apparently they have legs?? Hah! I'm used to buying them frozen and ready to cook ;)
I also cooked fish tacos this week with talapia. I followed the recipe for everything but the seasoning on the fish because I'm a whimp and don't like spicy foods.  I'll admit I was a littttle hesitant about the cabbage slaw (was just tossed with vineagar and a little sugar & salt) but it played off of the lime crema really nice.  So many yummy flavors in my mouth!
So now that the whole world knows how much I weigh, I better keep kicking my butt to keep on progressing!  When I originally started trying to loose weight in January I set my original goal weight as 190 (mainly because it had a little bit of wiggle room to keep from getting back over 200!).  I really didn't want to set a goal weight for less than that because honestly I didn't think I could do it.  I had to PROVE to myself I could come this far.  Now? 9 pounds to go to 190 seems like nothing! Definetly not planning on stopping anytime soon!!!


  1. AHHHHH YAY!!!! I'm so happy for you!! And I love that first pic of you, it's so cute. You're amazing! I love you!

  2. Congrats!!! What a great accomplishment!! I can see a difference in more than just your face and waist, but arms too! Keep going!

  3. What an awesome accomplishment so far! I am running a 5k at the end of the month with a friend and I just went to my first Zumba class on Wednesday to get my blood pumping (and to get my butt in gear) so you are such an inspiration! I just need to get better about the food thing. Thanks for being so open and honest about your journey!

  4. You go girl! Totally inspirational!

  5. Congradulations Rebecca! You are looking fabulous and are doing such a phenomenal job integrating the exercise and healthy living into your daily life. That is one of my biggest struggles and you are doing great at it! I can't wait to see you over the next few weeks as you dip down further in the 100s!

  6. Fantastic - you are beautiful!

  7. Wow! Good for you! I am glad you are making such a positive change for yourself. You look great. I am almost 40 and have had 3 kids so I have a bit of bulge and padding I need to lose as well. I wish I could be as dedicated to it as you are!

  8. You look FABULOUS :) And you don't look anywhere close to 200 pounds!! You must be super tall lol. I wish I had your energy and motivation for exercise!!

  9. omgosh - you are just the cutest thing. I've struggled with my weight my entire life. Up and down. It sounds like you found what works - and you look amazing. Keep it up!

  10. Congratulations Rebecca! As a former personal trainer, I know about how difficult it can be to lose weight. I'm so glad you don't hate exercising any more. And I'm sure you'll get to the point where you love it--just keep up what you're doing. And just think about all the other amazing things you could also do when you set your mind to it.
    ~Jenise @ DIYFunIdeas.com

  11. Congrats girl!! This gives me so much motivation, you look great!!