DIY Pink Crystal Fringe Necklace

I've been watching a lot of Project Runway lately. I mean, how can you NOT like the show: it has fashion, celebrates the DIY lifestyle, has catty drama and it's all topped off with a little Tim Gunn "make-it-work" mantra - it's just great.  They talk a lot on the show about how each designer has their own aesthetic and style and how important it is that each individual designer's style shows through in the pieces they make. This season they have an anonymous runway so the judges are not told who made what look before they walk the runway.  However, most times if the designers stick to their own style it's easy for the judges to see who made what look.

Well, my sewing skills are less than excellent but I can make some pretty jewelry! I feel like I definitely have my own jewelry making aesthetic and two BIG features of my style would include sparkle and pink! If you sent this necklace down a runway with jewelry made by the other Cousin ambassadors it would be very easy to tell that this was mine! I've seen a couple fringe necklaces popping up lately and I knew I wanted to try the style out with my own personal aesthetic so I grabbed some sparkles and set to work! Now that's it's done...where's my runway to show it off??? ;)

I am so in love with the end result of this necklace! It you want to give it a go, here's how you can make your own!


First step is to string five coral crystals onto a head pin and create a simple loop on top.
 Next use needle nose pliers to attach an eye pin to the simple loop

String on five more crystals in the light pink color

Create another simple loop on top of this crystal set by bending the wire 90 degrees directly above the last bead using needle nose pliers

Trim off all but about a half inch tail of the wire using wire cutters

Grasp the end of the tail using round nose pliers and bend around into a loop. 

Use needle nose pliers to attach another eye pin onto this new simple loop and string on five smaller yellow crystals.  Create another simple loop at the top of the yellow crystals.

Repeat this process one more time for five more copper crystals

Keep going until you have beaded multiple crystal strands

Cut a piece of copper chain to necklace size and use needle nose pliers to attach a crystal strand to the center of the chain

Repeat this process until you have filled out the bib of your necklace

Attach a clasp and jump ring using needle nose pliers to the ends of the chain

After the clasp is on your necklace is done!

I can't wait to throw this necklace on with this little sweater shrug and some boots, it is the perfect accessory to jazz up an outfit for fall weather.

I love the mix of colors I used: some pink, some coral, some copper, but the fun thing about this necklace is that you can customize it to whatever your style is! You could even do a fun ombre effect with the colors!

Wearing this many crystals around your neck is SURE to draw some attention! I've never been afraid of attention though so I think I will wear it with confidence!
Do you have a signature jewelry making style? What colors and what type of beads would you like to try to make this necklace with??


  1. This is really cute! Great post@

    Pam | Pam's Life

  2. Love the colours you chose! I saw an extra long version on TV the other night and thought 'I could make that.' And then thought, 'but would I want to?'. You make it look pretty easy though. While you're out linking up, think about stopping by and sharing at Make it Monday, open now :)

  3. this really turned out beautiful


  4. Very pretty! It's definitely you.

  5. Yay, you came! Thanks so much for linking up at the Make it Monday Party! Hope to see you again next week.

  6. Very pretty. I love those colors together and it looks great with your sweater!

  7. Love this! You are always trying new trends and making them look so simple! Now I want to make my own...maybe with a mix of seed beads, bugles, and bicone crystals in various metal shades--copper, gold, silver, hematite, rose gold, and maybe some clear crystals...

  8. Really pretty! Love that retro color on you<3 Pinned

  9. Definitely a Project Runway statement piece. Excellent tutorial on creating the necklace. I can hear Nina saying how good it would look in a fashion spread. Thank you for sharing with Make It Monday.

  10. beautiful, unique and so glam!! Love the necklace and appreciate the tutorial!

  11. I am so not crafty, not even a little, and actually have no interest in it BUT I am always jealous when I see other women making the cutest things! It looks adorbs!! I really wish it was a hobby of mine, sigh.

    Third Day Hair

  12. Wowie this is such a fantastic design. Funny thing is that i recently bought all of these beads and the chain. wierd, so now I can effortly make this up for my mom for christmas.