14 Months Weight Loss Update

This month's weight loss post is a little late - whoops! But thought I would pop in with a quick update for anyone who has been following along! Since my last update I am down another 6 pounds for total weight loss of 88 pounds.  That means only 12 pounds to goal weight and 100 pounds down.  Wow!!! 12 pounds sure sounds super easy to do now!!!

I am so completely happy with my new body and lifestyle.  This picture is from when hubby and I went out for our wedding anniversary last month.  We went out for a big night on the town and so I really wanted a nice outfit to wear. I went shopping that morning and didn't have a lot of time but I popped into the BCBG outlet store and plucked a dress off the rack, tried it on and it fit perfectly. Then I went to a shoe store and bought a new pair of black boots and didn't have to worry about them zipping up past my calves. What is this??? Shopping is so easy and fun now!!! 

I'm going to keep these jeans forever.  These used to be so tight on me.  Oh my goodness.

It's really fun to compare photos of me wearing the same/similar outfits from before when I was heavy and now.  That pink dress on the left was a size XL from Old Navy, and the one on the right is a similar dress from Old Navy in a size small.  I can't believe I can fit in smalls!!!

Nothing really new to report on what I'm doing to loose the weight, still counting calories with My Fitness Pal and rocking my workouts every day. Throwing in an occasional gym bathroom selfie to keep it classy and track my progress (20 pounds down on the left in each pic above and below vs. 85ish on the right)

This past month I did try a new exercise class for my first time though - I went to a Barre and TRX class at another small gym near me and I really liked it! They just added Friday morning classes at 5:45AM that I've been going to before work.  I was so proud of myself for trying this: it would have been WAY out of my comfort zone to just show up for this kind of class before I started getting healthy.  The moves are INTENSE, like after my first class my legs were sore for like legit 4 days after. I may not be the strongest or the skinniest or the anythingest in the class but I show up and get my workout in and do my best and that's all that matters!! I also finally started showing up in these fancy barre socks so I wasn't the only person in the class in white haines socks ;)

I feel like every month at some point I go through a little plateau, I hit that for awhile this month and got frustrated.  Summer is right round the corner people!!! I've made tons of progress but I'm still not really confident enough to show up at the beach rocking a bikini. I tried to really rededicate myself in the middle of this month to get ready for beach weather.  I realllly really really want to wear a bikini for my first time ever this summer.  I've got work to do before summer starts but I am well on my way!!!

I reallllly can't wait for all the snow to melt around here so I can go back to running outside.  It had melted last week but then we got like 5 inches of snow on the first day of spring whomp whomp. Hopefully it will melt quick and I can start trying to run longer distances, I worked up to 7 miles this past fall and I've lost more weight and have training since then so I'm hoping to be able to do a little better when I can start practicing again!


  1. so awesome for you!!! The last 10 pounds are always the hardest for me...ugh!


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  2. I haven't read your blog in a few months. When I pulled it up today I barely recognized you! You look incredible! Keep up the good work.

  3. Oh my gosh, you look beautiful!! Your waist looks so tiny in that bikini! I loved reading this post. I need to lose 40-50 lbs and after reading this, I feel like I may be able to do it. Thank you.

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