DIY Phone Case with Swarovski Crystal Flat Backs

This next DIY project is easy, cute and comes together in a matter of minutes! An even bigger plus for me is that it has flowers and sparkle and pink in it...nice and girly for my taste but can be changed up to fit your own as well!

I'm about two models behind on iPhones at the moment and have been hanging onto the same iPhone 5 for about 2.5 years now. I've had an otter box case on it to protect it from being dropped but lately it was getting pretty gross.  It had white rubber parts on it that were turning brown and was slowly breaking and turning more and more dirty.  I was in serious need of an update!

Luckily, Prima Bead recently launched a new line of Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones that are perfect for many other DIYs besides jewelry making, specifically blinging up a phone case! I made myself a cute floral blingy phone case with just a few basic supplies: here is how to make your own version!

You will need a piece of scrapbook paper, rhinestones, and a clear phone case.  I used THIS case for my older version iPhone, make sure you find one specific for your phone! Also needed but not pictures are scissors and E-600 Glue.

Flip your scrapbook paper over to the back and flip your phone case so it is laying flat on the paper and trace around the outline of the case with a pencil.

Use scissors to cut the phone shape out.  You will need to cut the paper slightly smaller than the outline you drew, so be aware of that.  Trim away the excess until the paper fits snug in the phone case.

Make sure you also cut out the portion for the camera to show through!

After the paper is cut out properly slip your phone into the case to make sure everything lines up properly.

Now for the fun part: open up some rhinestone packs and lay out a pattern!

After you know where you want each Rhinestone to go, remove them one by one and re-secure onto the phone case using E-600 glue.  I used a broken off piece of a q-tip as an applicator.

After all the rhinestones are on and the glue is dry, clear away any extra glue trails and your phone case is done!

This was one of the most gratifying crafts I've done in a long time.  It was so easy to put together and it really turned out adorable! I love the floral pattern scrapbook paper I found and adding the rhinestones as bling is such a fun extra touch.  This is totally my style but the good news is you can completely make it your own style by just switching out a different type of scrapbook paper and different pattern of rhinestones!

Now even though I don't have the newest iPhone with all the bells and whistles, at least I have the cutest one around!!! :)


  1. WOW you did such a great job! I love it

    Happy Medley

  2. Wow, I love your new phone case. I like the swarovski crystal in it. Making your own is so much better and usually cheaper.

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