DIY Rose Gold Crystal Necklace

Jewelry making is still my favorite craft and thing to do in my down-time, but lately it just seems like I don't have a ton of down-time at my disposal to get beading!! Sometimes I need an excuse to find some time to force myself into my craft room to create, so when a special friend asked if I could make a necklace for her sister's graduation, it was hard to say no to her!  I documented the process along the way so I can share the tutorial with you all as well!

My friend only requested that the jewelry be made with rose gold and that her sister had a bit of boho/hippie style. I don't consider myself super hippie (unless we are talking about my actual hips, because then I would classify myself as slightly hippy hah) but pink was one of the sister's favorite colors so I thought I could make an easy-going chain necklace with some pink crystals!

I think the necklace turned out really cute: the pink crystals make it nice and girly but the long style and basic design give off an easy-going/boho vibe!

Needed to make this necklace are Rose gold jump rings, rose gold clasp, rose gold chain, head pins, 4mm crystals, 6mm crystals, 24 gauge wire

String a 6mm crystal onto a headpin

Use needle nose pliers to bend the headpin back 90 degrees directly above the head pin

Use wire cutters to trim off all but about a half inch tail from the head pin

Grab the end of the tail with round nose pliers and bend back around into a simple loop

Attach a jump ring onto the end of a length of chain and then start attaching the crystal charms onto the chain with needle nose pliers

I made my crystal chain about 2 1/2 inches long. I attached a crystal to every chain link and then added three more crystals onto the existing crystals links to give it a little more body.

String your crystal dangle onto a piece of chain around 3 inches long

Cut a short piece of wire using wire cutters

Thread the wire through the end of your piece of chain and bend the wire into a small loop

Grasp the loop using needle nose pliers and create a wire wrapped loop by straightening out the long wire tail and wrapping the shorter tail around it a few times

Trim off any extra wire on the small tail using wire cutters

String a 4mm crystal onto the wire and then use round nose pliers to bend the other wire end into a loop

Wrap this loop closed as well to finish the link

Repeat this process to build the length of your necklace chain

After you have reached your desired length, you can attach a clasp on the end!

Use jump rings and needle nose pliers to attach a clasp to the chain ends

After your clasp is attached you necklace is ready to be worn!

So wear it I did! Just real quick before shipping it off to it's new owner :)

I think it turned out really cute, too bad I didn't make one for myself! Ah well, I will have to use it as an excuse to get into my craft room again!!


  1. This turned out really pretty.


  2. This is so pretty and girly and delicate--lovely design! And how sweet you are to make such a nice gift for your will be such a nice memento for her sister! :)

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  4. Very pretty, just bought some rose gold findings and have lots of beads, bit of an obsession haha.
    Thankyou for sharing. Lynn

  5. Great tips for freshening up! I like to add cute accessories like a necklace or scarf, too, just to mix things up a bit... and I definitely brush my teeth and mouthwash before ever leaving the house! ;)
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