My Perfect Morning Day Dream with Frette

I love my husband very much, but there are occasions when he can be...way too practical for his own good.  A very good example of this are his thoughts on having breakfast in bed.  I remember day dreaming before we got married about how lovely it would be to spend a lazy Saturday morning laying around in bed and munching on some toast and drinking coffee together before getting on with our days.  I shared my day dream with my then fianc√© expecting him to be on board 100 percent....only to find out that he DOES NOT BELIEVE IN EATING BREAKFAST IN BED.  Want to know why? CRUMBS.  I mean yes.  If you are going to eat in bed I suppose there will crumbs but THAT IS NOT THE POINT. Sigh.  See? He is just way too practical for his own good sometimes....

So, it seems I am left to live a life void of toast in my jammies between the {all be it crumby} sheets, but a girl can still dream.  Today though I'm day dreaming about what my perfect morning with breakfast in bed would look like with a few luxurious finds from the high-end linens brand Frette

Let's start with the bed, shall we?
Incantesimo And Illusione by Frette 
*Drool* *Swoon* *Googly Eyes*

Yeah. This Bed? To die for.  We are still using the FULL size bed that I took from my parents house so an upgrade on size and bedding would be a must to make this day dream perfect.

I'll build the bed first with this fabulous duvet cover
Incantesimo Duvet Cover in Cliff Grey by Frette

Add on some silk sheets
Illusione Sheet Set in Cliff Grey by Frette

Throw on some lovely accent pillows 
International Decorative Pillow in Silver by Frette

And toss on a luxurious blanket to snuggle up in like this gorgeous throw
Mia Throw Grey in Grey by Frette

Now, I know traditionally candles are mostly used at night, but I'm going to get REALLY crazy and demand some candles like these be lit after we wake up to really make the morning special.
Traviata Candle White  in White by Frette

Now it's time to get serious. Breakfast will come out on this gorgeous Leather Bed Tray. A breakfast that I did not lift one finger to prepare, and the kitchen was left spotless after it was cooked! (Now I know I'm really dreaming hahaha) I'm thinking that coffee and mimosas are a must, perhaps with some french toast? A little pastry? Some bacon? Calories obviously do not have to count in this day dream.
Tosca Leather Bed Tray Mud in MUD by Frette
Oh and me? I'll be wearing this fabulous little nightgown.  And maybe the matching robe. You know. Just because I love matching so much :)
Floreal Silk Short Spaghetti Stripe Nightgown  in Multi Colour by Frette 
Hmmm. Yes, this morning seems just about perfect to me!! Oh, only thing I forgot to mention? My body would MIRACULOUSLY make it all the way to 9AM before I woke up and was ready for this breakfast.  Seems like in real life I am COMPLETELY incapable of sleeping in on the weekends anymore, so that is my last stipulation to make this day dream perfect :) 

Am I the only one who longs for something so simple as breakfast in bed? Hehe :) If you want to share in my day dream, browse around Frette for just a little bit and I'm sure you will be ready to dream as well!

This post was sponsored by Frette but all opinions are 100% my own.

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