Weekend Activites and Rent the Runway

It's been a hot minute since I've written a blog post but I thought I would pop in to share some pictures from this past weekend! I promise I still am crafting and do have a bunch of jewelry projects in the works to share with you all eventually :) For now you just get pictures of me though haha!
This past weekend we had a wedding to go to for one of my husband's old co-workers.  It was one of those weddings that started at noon so you knew it was going to be an ALLLL day event.  I didn't know ANYONE at the wedding so I really wasn't looking forward to going to it. Since I wasn't really looking forward to it the date kind of snuck up on me...suddenly it was the week of the wedding, I had nothing to wear and no time to drive around to 5 different stores trying to find a dress.  So, for my very first time I tried Rent the Runway!
For $40 I got to rent a designer dress and have it delivered to my door! I went online Monday night, picked out a dress, read a bunch of reviews and looked at pictures of how it fit other girls, picked out two size options, and it was shipped to me on Thursday! I wore it for the wedding and then dropped it off at a UPS box on Sunday. It was the easiest.thing.ever!!!!
And, I completely loved my dress. I mean, I think it looked pretty dang good ;) I used a 20% off code since it was my first order but I still think the price was pretty great: the $40 included getting two different size options for the dress, shipping both ways, and insurance against minor damage to the dress.  This is literally my new favorite thing.  I'm so doing this for a wedding I have in November!
Biggest plus? I was excited to go to the wedding then since I had something cute to wear! The wedding ended up being great.  It started really early and we had two hours to kill before the reception so we just bar hopped in the area while we waited...because what else do you do when you look good and have time to kill? Heh.
I got three solid workouts in this weekend at well.  I'm still sitting at a 90 pound weight loss (catch up on my story using the "weight loss" tag) and still working on maintaining the current loss and working ultimately towards a 100 pound loss...maybe one day.  I've been taking Barre classes since December of this year and I'm officially obsessed with them.  Every Friday morning I go to a 5:45AM barre class and it is the perfect way to start the weekend on a healthy note. Surprisngly it's gotten so much easier to wake up that early every Friday too since it's just part of my routine now! Coffee is a must though, of course.

Saturday morning I went to the gym for a workout before I had to get ready for the wedding and let me tell you.  I had so much FUN during that workout.  Who would have ever thought two years ago I would find working out so enjoyable????? I crushed 45 minutes and 500 calories on the stairmaster (aka death machiene heh) and then was super brave and went and did a half hour lifting weights in the free weights section of the gym.  I'm a little imtimadated of going into the free weights section of my gym because it's always packed with guys and I'm still kind of a weight-lifting newbie....but I'm really trying to incorporate more weights into my workouts so I just sucked it up and did it and it was awesome!! I ended with 10 minutes of abs and left the gym feeling amazing. Such a good full body workout...and very needed since I indulged in extraaaaa wine at the wedding reception and extra treats as well!!!!

Sunday I went for a nice long run outside: I'm running my very first half marathon in November and so I try to get a long run in every weekend.  I'm not doing any official training plan: I workout every day so I do lots of cross training and try to do one regular one during the week and a longer run on the weekend sometime.  I feel ready for the race, I've worked up to 12 miles and the race is 13.1 miles so I feel like distance wise I will be fine, I'm just trying to keep my pace up.  I keep getting faster though which I'm very happy about :D
After running was done Sunday the hubby and I headed out to go apple picking! This was our first official "fall activity" of the year and I was so excited to go out! I picked out the most adorable fall outfit with boots, leggings, an oversized sweater and matching scarf (just call me basic right?) and then it was like 70 degrees by the time we got to the orchard haha.  Opps! Ah well.

We ended up picking 23 pounds of apples....$37 later...dang! Them apples add up fast!!!
So we drowned our sorrows in a glass of hard cider freshly brewed from the farm ;)

After apple picking we went home and I pretty much cooked for the rest of the afternoon.  I really enjoy cooking but things can get crazy during the week nights, but we invited some friends over for dinner Sunday and I set out to make some yummy grub.  First things first though: I had to do meal prep for the week ahead! I meal prepped roasted veggies for all my lunches this week and meal prepped veggies for my dinner on Monday night since I get home late from an exercise class every Monday and just need something easy and ready to go to eat.  I also took advantage of all the fresh apples we picked to whip up a batch of my homemade apple sauce in my crock pot! 
 Then it was dinner time.  We enjoyed some wine we picked out at the Finger Lakes from when we visited this past September, some fresh baked beer bread (tastfeully simple brand) an apple/goat cheese/walnut salad, roasted butternut squash soup with bacon, goat cheese and chives, and freshly baked apple crisp with vanilla ice cream.  It was.so.freaking.good.

 Overall it was a lovely weekend...which made coming back to reality Monday that much harder ;) But hey, good news is we are already at Tuesday so one day closer to the next one!


  1. 'Love the dress! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Wow Rebecca that dress looks AMAZING on you!!!! Sounds like an amazing weekend!