Orchard Mile - Making it Easy to Shop for Designer Items

This is a sponsored post for Orchard Mile but all opinions are my own.

I'm at a fun point in my life where I'm off on my own...financially stable...and able to make my own decisions of what types of items I like to skimp on and what types of items I like to splurge on.  For the most part I think I am decently conservative with my shopping habits.  I LOVE to shop but I typically search for deals and frequent bargain stores a lot. While I love a good deal, I'm also slowly beginning to learn that it is fun to sometimes save up a little extra and splurge on a really nice item that will really become a treasured part of my wardrobe and not just another $15 cotton sun dress I got on clearance.  

Problem for me is...I hardly ever go to "designer" stores and I think even if I did go into one I would feel super intimidated. Dumb, I know, but I really think I would. That's why when I read about the online website Orchard Mile - "a unique destination where you can shop the full collections, directly from the designers' sites with one simple shopping bag" I got excited for an easy way to shop for some token items for my wardrobe without having to wander into specialty shops or 10 different designer websites.

 At Orchard Mile you can browse designer items from all over the internet from the best contemporary designers all on ONE site.  The site is super easy to navigate: you can search items by designer, occasion, or type of item like dresses, athletic wear, shoes, etc.

I quickly got distracted while writing this post over all of the beautiful goodies I am now just jonesing to make mine...like these strappy heels which I am just DYING OVER

Sigerson Morrison Melody Dress Sandal

Or this super cute summer dress that would look great on me right now because I'm still tan from the beach so the white would really pop against my skin...

And I could COMPLETELY see myself wearing these wine colored lustrous leggings to the gym this fall (so fresh - love the fabric sheen on these!)  

Annnnd ever since I've been increasing how much I lift weights at the gym my shoulders are really toning out nicely...making a tube top like this Trolley Top a perfect pick for a happy hour.
Bailey/44 Trolley Top

Or for a real splurge...these Swaovski Crystal earrings would just be perfect for a super formal night out


Umm. This could be dangerous.  I only browsed around online for a few minutes and I found all of these fabulous items already!!!
I must not be the only one who is totally loving this new site to shop on either because Orchard Mile was just named in the inaugural Breakthrough Brands Report for being company with both a unique business models and strong brand presence. 
Good fashion, free shipping (always a plus!), and an easy way to shop online - check, check and check. So tell me: when you want to splurge on a specialty item do you normally shop multiple sites and stores? Next time you have something special in mind that you just need to make your own - make sure you check out Orchard Mile!


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