Savory One Carb Waffle Sandwich

Normally when I wake up in the morning I'm hungry.  I'm not someone who can go about their morning nice and leisurely, getting a few things done, and then start thinking about breakfast. Food is normally always on my mind haha.  However, Saturday when I woke up I was still very full from a big dinner out the night before so I had no desire to eat anything when I first got up! I got up...went to the gym...went to Starbucks...went to the grocery store...came home....showered...started some laundry....and THEN set about making breakfast. Except, well, it was noon by this point haha.  I knew I had a lot of protein that I needed to fit in since my "brunch" would be my breakfast and lunch. Everyday I try to hit at least 140 grams of protein so I knew I would need to catch up a I decided to make a savory version of my beloved one carb waffles!

Savory One Carb Waffle Sandwich

I made these waffles into a sandwich by cutting the waffle in half and the biggest hits were some crisp turkey bacon and an oozing fried egg! Oh my gosh. SO FREAKING GOOD and there was just shy of 50 grams of protein in this whole sandwich with ONLY 7 carbs! Say what?! Here's how to make your own version!

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    1. Mix protein powder and baking powder together. For this savory version I also like to add a little bit of seasoning salt to the batter.
    2. Beat in one egg
    3. Add enough water to consistency, around 1/4 cup
    4. Cook waffle in waffle maker (I use an oster brand)
    5. Cut the waffle in half and assemble as shown below!
    Spread a laughing cow cheese wedge on each side of the waffle

     Add three slices of pan fried turkey bacon

    Add a few slices of fresh tomato

    If you are big on onions like I am, throw on some raw red onion slices

    And top with one fried egg!
    Cut that sandwich in half and let that ooey gooey yolk ooze all over the place!

    Nutritional Information

    My waffle came out to 440 calories, 7 grams carbs, 20 grams fat, and 49 grams of protein.

    This sandwich was the perfect first meal for my day and with so much protein in it I was left full for hours! The biggest plus is that the whole thing is so low in carbs which was perfect for my schedule Saturday because I went wine tasting and put those carbs to good use sampling some local PA wine...and then of course stocking up with some more for later :)


    1. I have never thought to use my protein waffle as a sandwich!! Fabulous idea! That looks double yum!!

    2. Thank you for this easy and super delicious recipe. I will make this now.

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