How to Make a Statement Necklace

You can make a glam statement necklace with just a few jewelry making tools, beads and findings. This blue and gold statement necklace looks elegant and complex enough to be sold in a designer store but can easily be made at home with a little bit of patience and a few basic jewelry making steps! 

Friends, I'M BACK! I'm back in the jewelry making business! I recently moved and had limited access to my jewelry making supplies for a few months during the transition.  It feels so good to be settled again with my beads right at my fingertips!

What a better way to celebrate than to share this FABULOUS new tutorial with you all?!? A little bit of bling, a lot of bit of glam, and an overall stunning looking necklace than can be made very easily with a few basic jewelry making techniques!

Seriously, I couldn't think of a better project to share as my come-back jewelry making project. Woot woot! I've already worn it out a few times and have gotten multiple compliments on it and NO ONE believes that I actually made it!

Are you ready to learn how to make your own version? Let's get started!


Head pins, eye pins, chain, clasp, jump rings, assorted blue and gold beads


Add a round blue bead onto an eye pin

Use needle nose pliers to bend the eye pin back 90 degrees directly above the blue bead

Cut off all but about a 1/2 inch tail from the pin using wire cutters

Use round nose pliers to bend the pin back around to form a simple loop

Cut a piece of chain necklace-length using wire cutters

Attach this blue bead on the simple loop onto the middle of the chain

Squeeze the loop shut using needle nose pliers

Repeat this process until you have a full row of beads in the center of the chain

After you have added a full row of blue beads, cut another length of chain and connect the other end of the beaded loop to the chain.  Connect a new row of gold beads onto this next piece of chain.  After the gold beads add a row of blue crystal beads.

Cut another length of chain and attach the blue crystal beads onto this piece of chain and then create one more row using small round blue beads.

After you have built the base of your necklace we will make one last row of hanging beads. To create these charms string a small gold bead onto a headpin

Bend the headpin back 90 degrees using needle nose pliers

Trim off all but about a half inch tail using wire cutters

Use round nose pliers to bend the pin back around into a loop

String these beaded charms onto the last row of chain and squeeze the loop shut using needle nose pliers

Trim off any excess chain from all but the first two chain links using wire cutters

The necklace base should now look like this:

Use needle nose pliers to open up a small jump ring and attach one side of a clasp to one side of the necklace chain ends

Repeat for the other side

After the chain is on your necklace is complete!

I've worn this necklace paired with a casual dress to fancy up a floral print and also as a statement piece to a plain grey top. For such a bold piece of jewelry it is actually quite versatile in how you can wear it!

After you've made one of these necklaces, the options are endless for different color combinations and bead variations you could mix together to make other versions!

Only thing extra you will need to get you through this project? Maybe just a litttttle bit of patience.  I won't lie, this project is a little time consuming but well worth it in the end! I started making this necklace while I was on vacation the end of this summer and had some extra time on my hands and finished it up on the car ride home though so the time went by quick for me, and whenever I wear it I think of the fun times I had on my vacation where I started making it :)