Anthropologie Suede Choker Knock-Off Necklace

Choker necklaces are all the rage right now and even though whenever I think of chokers I immediately think of being back in 6th grade wearing those stretchy black tattoo style chokers, I figured it was about time I hopped on the band wagon to DIY my own version.  For my first choker project I decided to make something a little more grown up then what I used to sport in sixth grade though...and what is more classy/grown-up than a knock off from Anthropologie?

This Beaded Suede Necklace on the left from Anthropologie originally retailed for $68 and I was able to quickly and easily make my version for less than $20!

Thank goodness my fashion sense has also improved since I was in sixth grade! Instead of pairing my choker with a GAP sweatshirt, glittery white eye-shadow and flare jeans from Limited Too I kept it a little more simple with a black shirt, leggings, and an oversized poncho sweater.

While I did make jewelry back in sixth grade, my skills were not quite as developed as they are now.  This project is so simple however that I think even a sixth grade Rebecca could handle it. With a few simple steps and some basic jewelry making techniques you too can make your own version!


Needed to make this necklace are red stone beads, gold rondelle beads, gold spacer beads, suede, beading wire, crimp beads, liquid stitch, jump rings, and various different gold chain pieces. Needed


Use wire cutters to cut around 20 different pieces of gold chain around three inches long. I used varying different small cable chains

String 10 different strands of chain onto a jump ring

Close it using needle nose pliers

Cut a length of suede using scissors - I had to iron the kinks out of mine

Cut two lengths of beading wire using wire cutters

String a crimp bead onto one piece of beading wire, then through the jump ring at the top of your chain pieces, then thread the wire back through the crimp bead

Squeeze the crimp bead shut using needle nose pliers

Trim off any excess wire from the tail using wire cutters

Next string on four spacer beads alternating with stone beads, then three rondelles, then four more stone beads alternating with spacer beads

Tie a jump ring onto the end of your piece of suede with a double knot
Use another crimp bead to attach the beading wire to the jump ring connected to the suede

Apply a few dabs of liquid stitch to the knotted suede and let dry

After the knot is dry trim off the tail using scissors

Repeat these steps for the other side of the necklace

After both sides are complete - your necklace is done!

You can wear it a few different ways: double wrapped around your neck to make it a little shorter or wrapped just once for a longer version

Have you all gotten into the choker trend already? Am I the only one who waited this long to embrace it??? I will admit, now that I've worn one I think I actually like it! It's fun when some styles come back from the past...while others (like my glittery white eye shadow and lavender purple flare jeans) I think are MUCH BETTER left in the past ;)


  1. Wow! The necklace looks really cool, as good as the one you get in stores. Making it seems a bit difficult for a noob like me :P but I will surely try and make a choker necklace for myself. Thanks for sharing


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