A Weekend Trip to Nantucket

I became obsessed with the idea of visiting the island of Nantucket after reading multiple books by Elin Hilderbrand that all are set on the island. I love to travel and explore new towns and I really have not been to many states in New England. With 3 days of PTO left to schedule for the year and a little bit of cash burning a hole in my pocket, I finally decided that now was my time to YOLO and get bae on board for a long weekend trip up the Island!

I thought about alternatively titling this post “How $10 books made me drop $3,000 to visit a tiny island for 3 1/2 days” buuuuut decided against it, lol. Nantucket is definitely not the most budget friendly travel destination, but for me it was worth it to visit. I also think it is very doable to spend much less than I spent to visit the island (um, like maybe don’t go to dinner at the most expensive restaurant on the island on the very first night and order a $100 bottle of wine for the table) but I had such a fun trip I wanted to share the details of how I got there, what we did, what was worth the big bucks, what wasn’t, etc. in case anyone ever thought of planning their own trip!

We decided to visit at the end of September and fly out on a Friday, and return on a Monday. Our first night was Friday September 28th which was past peak season for the island so that definitely helped with costs for lodging. There is not a super direct way to get to Nantucket: it is an ISLAND after all, so you either have to fly in (there are limited direct flights, and most have a transfer at JFK which involves transferring to a VERY small aircraft) or take a ferry in. We opted for the ferry route so we flew from Philly to Boston, rented a car at the airport, and drove about an hour and 40 minutes from the Boston airport to Hyannis, MA which is where the ferries leave from. In hindsight, my boyfriend who travels a bit more said it might have been slightly easier to fly into Providence, RI and drive down from there since that airport isn’t quite as busy as Boston is…but overall either option should work. There are buses that go from the airport to Hyannis area, and we also looked up uber prices but ultimately just decided on renting a car for flexibility. There are two different ferries you can take into Nantucket: the “fast” ferry which is only an hour long, or the “slow” ferry which is closer to 2 ½ hours. We opted for the fast ferry through The Steamship Authority. They have you park in various lots around the ferry (you have to check their website to see which lot they are currently parking in) and then they have shuttles that take you over to the ferry area. Parking rates vary during the season, but ours was only about $13/day for off-season so it wasn’t too much money to leave the car there for the long weekend. You can take cars on the ferry over to Nantucket, but it costs $400 to transport it there and back. Unless you are staying way out in the boonies of Nantucket and want to do a ton of driving, you really can get away without a car fine. There are lots of taxis, ubers, and the downtown area is very walkable.

We arrived at the ferry dock just after 1PM, dropped off our bags, but then the ferry didn’t leave until 2PM and we were STARVING from traveling so we scurried over just about a block from the ferry dock to grab lunch at Baxter’s Cape Cod. They were friendly, had really fast service, and had super yummy drinks! I got a “Hyannisport Mimosa” (sparkling wine, grand marnier & OJ) and a white sangria and both were scrumptious. My boyfriend tried a local pumpkin beer and got the clam chowder and some fish and chips and enjoyed them both. I got my first LOBSTER ROLL of the trip (!!!) which was fine, but keep reading for where I got the best one on the trip :) Overall if you have time to kill before the ferry this place was a cute little spot to visit and the service really was quick so you shouldn’t have to worry about missing the ferry!

We got on board with plenty of time and then started the hour journey over the island. There is food and drinks (regular & alcoholic) available to purchase on the ferry, but not a ton of options. We sat inside for a bit but then decided to venture outside even though it had been raining all afternoon. I’m glad we did though: even with the rain and wind it was so refreshing to be outside (in the middle of the ocean practically) and then we got to watch as Nantucket came into view! I giddy like a little school girl when I saw the island getting close: I was SO excited to get there!

I looked at a few different options for where to stay in Nantucket and ultimately decided on the Brass Lantern Inn Bed and Breakfast. They had great reviews on Trip Advisor, were located really close to town, and were decently affordable for what our options were(there ain’t no Motel 6’s on this island folks). I found one Air B&B that was a little cheaper, but ultimately decided on this place because they provided breakfast and my boyfriend and I are pretty social people so we thought it might be nice to have some other people around.

I’m so glad I picked this B&B: it was the perfect spot for us! It was literally a 7 minute walk from the ferry dock, so we were able to get checked in real quick and easy after arriving on the island. We stayed in the Forsythia room which was in the “garden wing’ on the main floor tucked away towards the rear of the inn. It was easy to get to but not located off any main portions of the inn so it was relatively quiet and had its own bathroom and was the perfect (compact) amount of space for two people.

After checking in, relaxing a bit and getting cleaned up we went out to explore! I did my research before coming on this trip of some places I wanted to go to (mostly that were featured in Elin Hilderbrand novels, hah) and I knew that on Friday’s the bar at The Club Car opened early at 4PM so we walked over there from our B&B to get some drinks. We were lucky to get there early enough to sit and grab drinks in the small bar area which literally is built in the structure of an old club bar! It was a really quaint little spot and everyone was super friendly: from the native Nantucket locals who sat on either side of us who were quick to recommend other spots for us to try on our first trip to the island, to the bar tenders who were quick to recommend a new wine or cocktail for you to try and pour you a sample of first. Drink prices are high here: expect to spend about $15 per but it was a really great spot to visit and the restaurant side apparently has very fresh, fine dining options so that would be a good spot to check out as well!

My dress is from Rent the Runway linked HERE!

We headed back to the B&B quick to freshen up for dinner and then headed over to Galley Beach for dinner Friday night via taxi. You could walk from the B&B – it would be about 25 minutes though so not too far out of town. This was the restaurant that HANDS DOWN I wanted to visit most while on the island because Elin Hilderbrand’s Novel Blue Bistro was a fictional story based on this restaurant! This book has been my favorite novel of Elin’s that I have ever read so I knew I had to visit the restaurant. It is BUSY & it is EXPENSIVE: so don’t expect to pop in without a reservation and don’t expect to eat here for cheap. But: if you want amazing food and if you call ahead to make a reservation (30 days out they start taking them) then you MUST come here. This meal was literally one of, if not THE BEST meal I have had in my life. I had an appetizer off of the specials list that was a lamb gnocchi topped with sharp cheddar and it was one of the most AMAZING things I have ever tasted. I also had the pan-roasted halibut off of their regular menu (asked for no mushrooms which they happily obliged) which was cooked to perfection and split a bottle of “grand cru” Riesling wine with Will. I literally had to google what “grand cru” meant after reading a bunch of wine lists on the island and seeing this term mentioned: basically it means the wine comes from an exceptionally rated vineyard (aka the wine is gonna be good, but you are gonna pay for it too!). Galley Beach is so special because it is literally located right on the beach and they actually have a table/lounge area where you can sit on the beach in the afternoon and enjoy food & cocktails. We came to dinner at 7PM so by the time we arrived it was dark and we had missed the sunset. The interior was BEAUTIFUL and almost magical lit by so many candles, but if I ever come back I would love to visit in the daytime to enjoy the beach or at least be able to catch the sunset.

After dinner we called our taxi and stopped to grab a bottle of bubbly to enjoy back in the room at the B&B…but by the time we got back to the B&B we were literally so full and tired after a full day of traveling that we stuck the wine in the fridge (there is a full size fridge at the B&B that guests have access to use) and went to bed nice and early…at like 9PM. Hah! It was perfect. The best thing about going to bed early though…is it’s easy to wake up early the next day too! And up and at ‘um we were bright and early Saturday morning…and set off to find coffee at 7AM! We walked over to The Bean which opened early to grab lattes and a little snack before our B&B opened for breakfast at 8AM.

This was another quick and easy walk to town and then we spent some time just walking around the cobblestone streets and checking out the storefront and town while it was still quiet. I snapped some pictures of some places I passed that are frequently mentioned in Elin’s novels and we stopped to sit enjoy the views at the harbor. Let me tell you: it was just SO beautiful looking out at the water while enjoying the calm, morning air.

Eventually we made it back to our B&B for breakfast…and we pulled out that bottle of bubbly from the night before to make our own mimosas to enjoy!!! The breakfast spread was wonderful at the Inn: they cannot serve true “hot” items like eggs and breakfast meats since they are only an inn and not a full restaurant (this is a regulation for the entire island) but there were more than enough options of freshly baked muffins, pastries, toast, bagels, cheeses, fancy jams, yogurt, homemade granola, chia parfaits, oatmeal, and a few specialties like a raspberry and chocolate parfait one morning, a pesto/sun dried tomato flatbread another morning, and even fresh made carrot juice another morning…so needless to say we did NOT go hungry. There is a dining room inside the inn but we chose to take breakfast trays outside to the garden area and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with our mimosas in the beautiful outdoors!

Next on our agenda was some more exploring of the island: but this time by bike! We changed and then walked from our B&B back down towards the harbor where the ferrys come in where there are multiple different bike shops available to rent bikes from. We grabbed two and a map and decided to bike out to the other side of the island to see ‘Sconset! There are two main bike paths to ‘Sconset: one more scenic along a bike path, and one more direct along a road. The bike shop recommended taking the scenic route out and the direct route back. I definitely enjoyed the scenic route but if you chose to do the full loop: BEWARE! It was a full 18.5 miles for our ride and took us two hours to complete. It was relaxing and enjoyable, but it was a workout for sure! By the time we got to ‘Sconset we were kind of hesitant to venture off our bikes too far (apparently there is a gorgeous bluff walk in this area where you can see some amazing homes) since we knew we still had to bike all the way back to town!

We ended up just enjoying the views along the bike path (you can see Sankaty Head Light House and the golf course along the bike path!) and then we stopped at ‘Sconest beach, used the bathroom and then said…"well that’s a pretty view, better head back." Hah! I have heard that you can actually bike to ‘Sconset and then arrange for some type of bus to take you and your bikes back: so if you don’t want to spend a full two hours on a bike and actually want to see more of this side of the island, that may be a good idea. There is a restaurant out here called “The Chanticleer” (that has been featured in Elin’s novels!) and I believe during peak season it opens at 11:30 for lunch. If I were to do things again I might bike out, grab lunch, walk on the cliff walk, and then catch a bike bus back to town!

As it it went for us…we did finally managed to get back to town, return our bikes, get cleaned up, then venture out for a late lunch. I walked us over to The White Elephant Hotel which has a nice restaurant called Brant Point Grill located inside. This restaurant & bar has been featured in many of Elin’s books as well, so I was excited to try it. The food and drinks were yummy: I had some beef short rib tacos that were DELICIOUS, but I just don’t think we visited at the right time. They were setting up for a wedding outside so there was no outdoor seating available (which would have given a beautiful view of the harbor!) and we were there pretty late for lunch so just sat at the bar to eat and felt…slightly out of place. I’ve heard that they serve an amazing brunch on the weekends so I would maybe visit for that or for a more formal sit down dinner because the food was yummy! We just visited at kind of an off time. If I’m going to drop $100 bucks on lunch I would like to feel SLIGHTLY welcome at least! Overall I think we would have been much better suited finding a cheap place to eat in town.

After feeding to content, we walked back to the B&B for a well-deserved NAP after all that bike riding we did! I suck at napping though…so I only rested for a little bit and then decided to venture back out while my boyfriend slept. I ended up walking back towards the area that the Brant Point Grill is located where there was a locally owned wine shop called Epernay Wines. I perused around a bit and the shop owner was very sweet and quick to recommend a few different bottles based off of my taste. I bought a chilled bottle or Riesling and some souvenir cigars for a friend back home, then walked back to the B&B. By the time I got back it was 4:30 which was close enough to happy hour for me :) I grabbed a wine glass from the kitchen, my kindle, and sat out in the garden area of the B&B and just sipped my wine and read The Beach Club by Elin Hilderbrand.

Let me tell you: I was in HEAVEN! This is my exact idea of relaxation: a good book, a great bottle of wine, and just relaxing in a beautiful area! Eventually Will woke up and joined me in the garden area to relax a bit before we decided to makes moves towards our dinner reservation.

Pre-dinner though we popped into Proprietors for a cocktail because I was DYING to visit this place. It’s mentioned in a lot of Elin’s books and she frequents it a lot as well, so I knew I had to make time to stop by! Their menu looks amazing but we only stopped in for one drink: they have a lot of specialty cocktails and I got a “No. 10” on the list at the time which was a house draft cocktail of Prosecco, aperol, mastiha and watermelon. I had never had aperol before, had no clue was mastiha was, and I’m not a HUGE fan of watermelon but this was GOOD. Real good! The bartender was very friendly too, so it made the perfect pit stop before we headed over to our dinner reservations at CRU.

I was told by a friend that CRU had the “best oysters and lobster roll on Nantucket” and after visiting: I can confirm she was correct on both accounts! The restaurant is located right at the end of the harbor, so before I even entered the restaurant I was in awe because it had such beautiful views of all the boats docked there. We were seated right away and I continued to be mesmerized inside: it was dark and romantic with plenty of candles and we were seated right along the edge of the restaurant where I could continue to look out at the twinkling lights on the harbor during the meal. It was beautiful! I’m not huge on oysters but my boyfriend ordered them as his appetizer and gave me one to try and it was definitely the best oyster I have ever tried before. We both also ordered the lobster roll for our main course and it was FABULOUS. Huge chunks of lobster all drizzled with butter on a toasted roll…mmmh. Just thinking about this lobster roll again makes me want to drool! The service was wonderful, the scenery gorgeous, and the food fabulous. You will drop a pretty penny for a full meal here (the lobster roll alone is about $38/plate), but I would say it is definitely worth it!

After a full days of eats and drinks, we just wandered back into town for a bit to do some good old fashion people watching while sitting on a bench near the whaling museum (on a Saturday night the downtown area was PACKED with people milling around!) before calling it a night and heading back to our B&B for another early night in.

Sunday morning we were up and at 'um early again. We walked back to town to grab some coffee and then decided to walk out to see the Brant Point Light House! It was about a 20 minute walk from town but I am SO glad we went: it was beautiful! This is the second oldest light house in America (it was established in 1746) and you see it upon your arrival by ferry to the island. It’s actually quite deceiving though when you actually get to it: it’s really pretty small in real life! You can walk right up to the lighthouse on the beach and it was just a really peaceful visit on Sunday morning: there were some fisherman out by the water and a few individuals walking the beach to collect shells, but overall it was just a beautiful landscape to go visit! I enjoyed the walk back to the B&B afterwards as well: some of the houses out this way were just MASSIVE and it was cool to walk through the neighborhood on our way back to the inn. We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast again outside in the garden area of the B&B and just kind of hung out and relaxed outside, chatting with some of the other couples staying at the inn.

Eventually I parted ways with my boyfriend to head into town because I had plans to meet up with ELIN freaking HILDERBRAND!!! Hah – that’s right! After sending her multiple Instagram messages saying I was visiting Nantucket for my first time solely because of her novels she finally messaged me back and offered to meet me quick on Sunday morning at Mitchells Book Corner to say hi. I am the most outgoing person you will ever meet…but I actually found myself getting really nervous before meeting her! So nervous that I actually popped back into Proprietors Bar to get a mimosa and sit at the bar to read my kindle while killing time before my meet-up. As mentioned before, Elin actually comes to Proprietors a lot so the bartender and I talked a bit about my meet-up and he told me I really had no reason to worry – that Elin was “really cool” haha.

After cooling my nerves a bit I wandered around the corner to Mitchells and bought a paperback to have Elin sign. Our meet up was pretty quick: she was on her way back from barre class (one of my favorite workout classes too, so basically we are twinsies) and in the middle of running her kids around for sports meets, but I was so happy I got to snag a quick photo and get a book signed by her! I told her all about my local book club and how I forced us all to read her newest novel The Perfect Couple when it came out this past June. Elin is actually from Collegeville, PA which is literally less than 10 minutes from where I live now, so it was cool to chat about that quick as well! Basically I fan girled real hard, got a quick pic and book signature, and then we parted ways, lol! I was soooo grateful though that she made time to meet me! It made all of my Nantucket dreams come full circle and I knew that no matter what else happened the rest of the weekend, by trip had been made :)

Needless to say, we still packed a lot into the rest of our trip though! I wandered through town doing a little souvenir shopping before I met back up with Will (shopping is NOT his favorite activity). I picked up a few items including a Nantucket hoodie (first and only time I think I need to spend $55 bucks on a sweatshirt though!!!) some charms that I made into a necklace, and an adorable little “I love you to Nantucket and back” wall hanging sign. I always like to pick up one or two small home décor items from a fun trip away from home to put up back home to always remember our trip by. I’m going to be looking for the perfect place to hang this sign and some photos of our trip in our family room soon!

Even though we were in Nantucket, it was a Sunday afternoon during FOOTBALL season, so Will and I wanted to try and catch a bit of the Eagles game in town. We ended up at b-ACK Yard BBQ and it was the PERFECT spot to watch some of the game. We were lucky enough to get there in time to get seats at the bar which was nice because the place became PACKED during the game! It was a really fun environment to watch football in though: everyone was really friendly and the bartenders were super attentive and quick to refill drinks even when they got slammed with the big crowd. After having basically wine & cocktails all weekend…it was nice to switch things up and enjoy some hard cider on draft here. We also ordered lunch here as well: even though Nantucket is more thought of as a seafood joint this BBQ was GOOD! It is actually the 10th highest rated restaurant in Nantucket, so I figured it must be popular for a reason! My boyfriend ordered some wings for lunch and I ordered their famous pulled pork nacho that they ONLY serve during football season. The meat had such yummy flavor – this place was a hit for sure!!!

Even though the game was still on…I didn’t want to spend our last full day on Nantucket stuck inside a bar during a beautiful, sunny afternoon! We walked back to the B&B to freshen up quick and then grabbed a taxi to go checkout Cisco Brewers. This is a pretty large venue just about a 10-15 minute drive outside of town in Nantucket that features an onsite brewery, winery, and distillery all in one! They have food trucks and live music often on the weekend so you really can go and spend a full afternoon there. You can do tastings at each different site (you pay at each spot for the tasting…I think it was about $10 per) but we just did a tasting at the winery. I really enjoyed the cranberry pinot gris: Nantucket has a few different cranberry bogs so they source these cranberries right on the island! It was the perfect amount of refreshing without being overly sweet. There a buildings for doing tastings at the winery/brewery/distillery and then a large open area in between them all with plenty of room to hang out and listen to the live band, grab some food, grab some drinks, and just hang out on picnic tables in the great outdoors! We ended up making some friends with some other visitors at the picnic table next to ours and had a good time just hanging out, chatting and relaxing! It was a family and pet friendly venue: there was a bunch of little kids running around, some dogs and cute puppies, and overall was just a very busy but friendly spot to come visit.

After hanging out for a bit we called a taxi for a ride back to the B&B where we went gung-ho with another power nap before heading out for dinner. I had an Instagram follower named Rebecca reach out to me who is actually from my home town area and lives in Nantucket now, and we messaged back and forth a bit before my trip and decided to make plans to meet up when I got to Nantucket! She was off the island most of the weekend for a trip, but she got back on the ferry right before 7PM and we met her fresh off the ferry for some drinks & grub! She suggested Straight Wharf Restaurant which is another restaurant close to the harbor so we stopped there first for drinks and appetizers in the bar area. For the table we ordered the “SWR popcorn” which was popcorn coated with butter, Parmesan, mint, curry & lime and a selection of their “daily taquitos” and the daily crostini. The taquitos are reallllly mini appetizers so order a few! I didn’t realize this and only ordered one to start and it came out on a tiny plate all by itself haha. The crostini was FABULOUS. I don’t even remember exactly what was on it besides some really fresh tomatoes…but whatever else they paired it with was FABULOUS and I ate both of those suckers by myself. So much for sharing – hah!

Two Rebeccas just living it up in Nantucket :) Eventually Rebecca’s boyfriend met up with us and it was a little crowded in this bar area for dinner, so we wandered back outside to find dinner somewhere else. We ended up going BACK to b-ACK yard BBQ and I really can’t complain about visiting it twice in one day because it was THAT GOOD. This was a nice, more casual spot for dinner but the food was still so fabulous. We all shared an appetizer of candied pineapple kielbasa bites (GET THIS FOR SURE) and I got the lobster mac n cheese for my main course and it was basically fabulousness in a crock.

After dinner we split ways and Will and I started wandering back towards are B&B. We stopped for one last cocktail at The Club Car were the environment was completely different than our first stop on early Friday! By Sunday evening it was PACKED in the bar and there was music playing, people dancing, and an overall really lively and jovial atmosphere all squished into that tiny club car. Fun stop and worth a visit if you want some late night classic Nantucket vibes, but for us it had been a loooong days of eats and drinks so we packed it in after our night cap and headed back to the B&B for the night.

Monday was our last morning on the island and we took it pretty easy. We grabbed breakfast at the Inn again and I enjoyed reading my book one last time in the pretty outdoor garden area. We walked down towards the ferry/harbor area and grabbed coffee and just spent some time hanging out looking at the water – there really are such beautiful views everywhere you look in Nantucket! We were taking the 12PM ferry back to the Cape so we had to make sure we were all packed up and ready to go for that. We decided to take one last trip out to grab some lunch for the ferry and walked about 15-20 minutes outside of town to Something Natural to grab some sandwiches.

This restaurant is very casual with outdoor seating with picnic tables right next to a park so there was lots of open & grassy areas. This place got a ton of good reviews and is even the #1 rated restaurant on Trip Advisor but I have to saw…I was SO disappointed! The only good thing about this place was the location. For being a sandwich joint…I thought the sandwiches were mediocre at BEST! Everything was just lacking flavor. I got a customized smoked turkey sandwich on their “Portuguese white bread” and the turkey had no flavor, same with the cheese and tomatoes on it. My boyfriend’s sandwich was the same – his even had guacamole on it which just tasted super bland as well. I can’t believe this place got so many good reviews: people need to go get a REAL sandwich somewhere to have something better to compare this to!! The bread was fresh, but that was the only saving grace for the sandwich. Overall I would say SKIP this spot, and maybe grab a packed sandwich lunch at Provisions which is close to the ferry and also got good reviews.

My very last spot before the ferry was at The Juice Bar which is right down the street from the harbor and is famous on Nantucket for their ice cream! In the summertime this place has lines out the door, but I was served real quick for a quick treat before the ferry. I got one scoop of the “Crantucket” flavor which features chocolate covered cranberry chunks and vanilla ice cream. YUM!

And just like that, out trip to Nantucket was done. We took the ferry back to the Cape, took the ferry bus back to the parking lot our rental car was at and then drove back to the Boston airport to fly home. I made sure throw my penny over the side of the ferry on the way home though as we passed Brant Point Lighthouse which is a local tradition to insure safe travels back to the island one day :)

My skirt linked here

Overall, I had a BLAST on our trip. I feel like we packed a lot in for the few days we were there. If we ever go back, I would love to spend a little more time on the beach: it wasn’t quite warm enough to really lay on the beach while we were there, but it would be nice to at least catch a sunset or walk around on some of the beautiful beaches a bit more. I would also love to spend a late night at “The Chicken Box” which is a dive bar with live music that is feature in a lot of Elin’s books. I would definitely recommend staying somewhere that is close to town: it was so easy to walk in and go to restaurants or do shopping, there really was no need for us to have a car on the island. I would also recommend doing at least one fancy dinner on the island one night as well: the food and wine options are just amazing on this island and its worth a few extra bucks to splurge one night and enjoy them. It was a quick but FABULOUS trip and I couldn’t have asked for a better first visit to The Grey Lady!


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