Healthy Avocado Crema Sauce

I've been making similar versions of this low calorie avocado crema sauce for YEARS so I figured it was finally time to get it up on the blog! I love how fresh and flavorful it is while still being low calorie: a 2 tablespoon serving is only 35 calories!

Since Cinco De Mayo fell on Taco Tuesday this year, I made sure to plan ahead to make tacos for dinner last Tuesday so we could celebrate Cinco De Mayo at home, quarantine style.  Not gonna lie - it was a pretty great celebration! The fact that I made a margarita as large as my head after we FINALLY could get through to a local liquor store to get tequila (PA has such strange liquor laws and quarantine has made things even worse!) may have helped the situation out, lol.

But in all seriousness, the shrimp tacos turned out awesome and I didn't miss being out at a restaurant to celebrate the holiday at ALL. What really made them taste so amazing though? I loaded them up with my fresh avocado crema that packs TONS of flavor!

This sauce only requires a handful of ingredients.  It is low calorie because the avocado is mixed with both low fat sour cream and greek yogurt (this is a NO mayo recipe!) but it is still packed full of flavor from using fresh lime juice, fresh cilantro, minced garlic and some seasonings.

This is a pretty versatile sauce that you can add to plenty of other recipes to add a kick of flavor, but I've always used it in that past to top tacos: fish tacos, shrimp tacos, or even ground turkey tacos! 

You don't need many other ingredients to have a plate full of tasty and filling tacos if you use this sauce. For Cinco De Mayo, I just used frozen shrimp I thawed, peeled and seasoned with a store bought blackened fish seasoning. I heated up about 1Tbs of olive oil in a pan and cooked them over medium heat for 4 minutes until opaque (flip halfway through). I added them to corn tortillas and then topped them with some slaw I made by mixing store bought bagged coleslaw with 3 Tbs white vinegar, 2 tsp sugar, 1 tsp salt (whisk to combine then add:) 1/3 cup chopped cilantro, two chopped green onions, and one minced garlic clove. I made the slaw the night before to let the flavors combine

Top each taco with a hearty drizzle of crema, and you are ready to feast! I've outlined the recipe below,  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Nutritional Information

This batch made 525 grams for me.  A two tablespoon serving size (30 grams) comes out to 35 calories with 2.7 grams of carbs, 2.4 grams of fat, and 1.3 grams of protein.

Healthy Avocado Crema Sauce
A low calorie and versatile avocado sauce packed with lots of flavor
    • 1 Large Ripe Avocado (Mine was 200g)
    • 3/4 Cup (180g) Light Sour Cream
    • 1/2 Cup (120g) 0% Plain Greek Yogurt
    • Juice from Two Limes
    • 1/3 Cup Cilantro
    • 4-8 Garlic Cloves
    • 1 tsp Salt
    • 1 tsp Pepper
    • 1 tsp Chili Powder
      Cut avocado in half, and scoop the flesh into a food processorAdd in sour cream, greek yogurt, the the juice from two freshly squeezed limesAdd in 1/3 cup of chopped cilantro and depending on your garlic preference, between 4-8 cloves of fresh minced garlicAdd in seasonings and blend together in the food processor until combinedTaste and adjust seasonings to your preference, and store any leftovers in an air tight container in the fridge for up to one week
      Prep time: 20 Minutes Yield: 17 Servings

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