Awkward and Awesome Thursday #1

SUPER Excited for my first Awkward and Awesome Thursday (even though its kind of late) post. Check out the adorable originator of the fad in the picture at the bottom

  • How blue my shampoo is. I really like it; it makes my hair smell really nice, but every time I rub it into my scalp I’m worried that the neon blue color of it is going to dye my hair forever.
  • Broccoli salad. It always seems like such a good idea when I’m eating it, but you seriously burp the taste up for the rest of the day. Disgusting.
  • Salad-bar-cutters.  Yes, I was scooping sliced carrots onto my salad and you thought you had enough time to line jump me and get to the dressing first, but now I’m done and you’re still pouring and I’m giving you hate eyeballs.
  • The fact that my jeans kept squeaking when I crossed and re-crossed my legs during night class this week. I kept worrying someone would think I was farting…
  • Suite bathrooms. I’m just a little potty shy at times.
  • How every time I write out my major, I’m worried I will spell it wrong.  Wouldn’t that be embarrassing? To not even know how to spell your major.  Entrepreneurship has a lot of vowels in it.  I can spell it, but I get a little nervous every time.
  • Man engagement rings. I don’t get them. And I’m not a fan. 
  • When you're singing worship songs near someone, and you are both singing harmony, but its different harmony that clashes, but you each think yours is best so you kept singing it and then louder until someone chickens out and switches to melody. Maybe i'm alone in this.
  • The thumbs in my pink gloves.  There is like an inch of space above them my thumbs don't fill.  And I don't have exceptionally small thumbs, I promise.
hello there, awkward empty thumb space...

  • Waking up to cute emails from boyfriend where he says he misses his cuddling koala. Yes you can barf now. i think it's cute. 
  •  Seeing squirrels still scampering around campus. I’m so glad they haven’t hibernated for the winter yet. I love their little fluffy bodies.
  • The fact that boyfriend told me last night that he is BUILDING me something. But won’t tell me what. But thinks I will like it a lot and it may take awhile. Eehh! J
  •   Someone found me on Linkedin this week and gave me a side job offer.  Sweeeet.
  • IKEA mattresses. So soft and fluffy. I want mine back I had last semester. 
  •  I sold TWO headbands to girls in my dorm this week. Yay! 
  • Walking in the middle a snow shower and seeing the freshly fallen snow sparkly on the ground. gorgeous.


  1. haaaa your list is hilarious. i have the same squeaky jean problem.

  2. I want to know what he is building you! That is so exciting! Looove your blog! I found you through the Daybook. Super cute and the perfect dose of girly. Thanks for sharing!

  3. your blog is quite adorable i love it! i also found it through the daybook... gotta love it!!

  4. I Agree With U , was scooping sliced carrots onto my salad and you thought you had enough time to line jump me and get to the dressing first.
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