Gray Felt Flower Necklace Tutorial

Say hello to my new favorite accessory. 

Why, hello there!

I've wanted to make a necklace with some kind of flowers on it for awhile, so I finally did. I got the inspiration and learned how to make the flowers from this great tutorial. Let's learn how to make my version :)

-One sheet of felt
-Plastic pearl beads
-Jump rings
-Crimp beads
-Wire cutters
-Needle nose pliers (or a crimper)
-Hot glue gun

Step 1: Cut your felt into a 1.5 inch by 12 inch strip.  Fold the ends into an overlapping corner.

Step 2: Start twisting the felt around the corner into a circle

Step 3: Finnish forming you flower, and then sew it together so it keeps its shape

Step 4: Sew a few beads into the center of the flower

Step 5: Make two more flowers so you have three total

Step 6: Line your flowers up on the rest of your felt and hot glue them down

Step 6: Trim away the excess felt from the back of the flowers

Step 7: Cut out a matching piece of felt for the backs of the flowers

Step 8: Now to make it a necklace. I couldn't decide if I wanted to just use a chain or strand of beads, so I decided to use both!  String two strands of beads and crimp the ends (leaving a loop of wire) using a crimp bead and needle nose pliers or a crimper. Tape the other side for now so the beads don't come off.  

Step 9: Prepare your chain by cutting it into two pieces with wire cutters

Step 9: Place one end of your chain and strand of beads onto the back of your flowers, and hot glue them on, sandwiched between the flowers and the extra felt piece you cut out. 

Do this on both sides so you are left with the back looking like this:

Step 10: Finish the ends of your necklace.  Attach a clasp to your chain using a jump ring, and crimp your strand of beads onto that jump ring.  Do the same for the other side, but instead of using a clasp just attach another jump ring on. 

This is how you string the crimp: string the crimp bead onto your strand of beads, then the jump ring, and take your wire back over the jump ring and thread it through the crimp bead.

Then pull the wire tight, crimp the bead, trim the excess wire...

And then you're done! 

So pretty!!

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  1. Great job! This turned out so pretty! I would totally wear that. Thanks for linking up!

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    Thanks so much for sharing in FFA!

    Hannah @

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  16. Looks great - and so simple!
    Definitely making one for my high school sister's birthday next week!
    Thanks for the idea!

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