Awkward and Awesome Thursday #2


--Handicap bathroom stalls that have sinks in them.  You finish using the toilet, and then, oh hey! A sink! Great  I’ll use it. But then you exit the stall and everyone just watches you walk out of the bathroom without stopping  at the other sinks.  Do they know there is a sink in there? Do they know I just used it? I’M NOT BEING  GROSS I PROMISE!!
--        --Making eye contact with people at the gym.  Ohhh heyyy….yeah I was just staring at you using the triceps machine….and you caught me.  Sorry... My run is boring and your grunting was keeping me amused.
--        --Coed bathrooms. I went to use one at a restaurant in France, and there was a guy in the bathroom but he hadn’t locked the door!   So I got all embarrassed and ran all the way back up to the restaurant.  Except… I still had to pee really bad. So then I had to go all the way back…
-    --My ears. I think they are abnormally shaped. No earbuds ever fit in them…

    --When you wear leggings and a loose skirt, and so you can't feel if everything is laying right. Then, you come back from walking across campus and your roomate informs you that your skirt has ridden up by your coat and your bear-legginged-butt is hanging out. Great.
-   --Checking emails during class and opening up one from Victoria Secret or Aerie and having a huge picture of a girl in lingerie pop up onto my screen. Well hello boobs, welcome to my class…say hi to everyone staring at my screen…

           --Pandora.  Adding in variety and liking enough songs so basically everything it plays I love now.  J yay

           --Half-off clearance sales at Old Navy. SO MANY CUTE NEW CHEAP CLOTHES. !!

     --Finding out I’m all set to graduate a semester early from college.  Less than one year left!

           --Talking about engagement rings with boyfriend J
 --The fact that I was just typing and I randomly made a mailbox. See -> --- How does that even happen??        
         -- My ADORABLE new necklace I just made and am putting up a tutorial for tomorrow. So come back and check it out!

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  1. Your awkward list may be the best I've ever seen. Seriously at the gym thing. Oh and the leggings thing. Ok, I'm pretty much cracking right now.

  2. wow that is really pretty!! but yes he is indeed gone for two whole years... and the only way we can communicate is letters. ha it kinda stinks but i am really happy for him and really proud of him, and i know that he is where he should be right now:]

  3. Awkward and awesome Thursdays are the best! Haha how fun! Love yours! Cute blog, cant wait to catch up on the rest of your posts!

  4. Oh. My. Dang. I drop food down my cleavage on a daily basis. I'm so happy to find out I'm not alone! My husband calls it my lettuce crisper because salad is often the culprit of the drop. I can't wait to see some stuff you make with your silhouette! That rocks! I want to get one too, but I have to do silly things like pay tuition and rent instead. Lame.