Awkward and Awesome Thursday #4

  • When someone calls me on my iphone while I'm around a bunch of people outside and i'm wearing gloves and don't want to take them off so I answer the phone using my nose but accidentally hit speaker phone (noses are not very accurate) and everyone around hears boyfriend on the other end "Hi darling dear! How's my honey?" *everyone starts looking at me* erhhhh. "....Hi!"
  • Putting on shirts from H&M and almost strangling myself with that ribbon they put across to keep it on the hanger
  • Trying to contain my giggles while at work as a phone-a-thon member while the caller next to me talks like this: "Hewo, my name is Pauwl and I'm cawing from Growve City Coweege. Is Miswer Smiwth avawable?"
  • When I'm running on the treadmill and accidentally let out a toot. But, I have headphones on so I don't know if it made any noise or not, but the people next to me don't have headphones on. So, if it did make a noise I should be really embarrassed. But I don't know if I should or not. IT'S SO AWKWARD NOT KNOWING IF THE SITUATION IS AWKWARD OR NOT! 
  • When you're in a big public bathroom with a WHOLE LONG ROW of empty stalls and someone comes and goes in the stall RIGHT NEXT TO YOU. I'm potty shy, ok!! Why did you have to pick the one right next to me??? There are so many others open.
  • How bad I am at those twisted text spam verifiers on comments. It takes me like 12 times to get it right. Ok, maybe more like 2. Still more than necessary. 
  • Taking other peoples stuff out of a washer/dryer cause there are no other empty machines and theirs is done. I'm always afraid they are going to catch me in the act and go bizerk on me for touching their clothes.  If you really didn't someone to touch your clothes, you should have came to the laundry room and taken them out when they were done!

  • Sitting at your desk with cold feet thinking "i really wish I had my slippers" and then looking down and finding them RIGHT NEXT TO YOU. So handy. 
  • Finding a wool pea coat for boyfriend on sale at Old Navy for $17 so he can stop wearing his cameo coat that I hate when he's around me.
  • Getting an A on my history paper. Yippeeeeeeeeeeee
  • The fact that I've broken 50 followers.
  • The fact that my good friends know how much I love squirrels and send me pictures of them throughout the week.  Here's a recent selection of the goodies I have gotten:

And my personal favorite:

I don't care who you are, that's dang adorable :)

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  1. girl!! we are soo similar!!! that h&m string on the shirts is unnecessary, i almost choke on it sometimes too!! and potty shy right here, i hate when they go in the stall next to me too!!!! i just did my first awkward/awesome post today!! :)

  2. Your necklace turned out so pretty! Thank you for your comment on my blog, they make my day!

  3. so, there's a website called dear blank, please blank that i was reading tonight and i thought of you and this blog post when i read it. hopefully you find it funny, and not cruel. haha.
    "Dear person wearing headphones,
    Just because you can't hear yourself fart, doesn't mean that those around you can't.
    Sincerely, sitting next to your stank"