Awkward and Awesome Thursday #5

  • Deciding to go to my school's inside pool for exercise, and realizing after getting in the locker room my bathing suit has a big white bleach spot right in the middle of the bum.  Of all places, bleach spot, did you have to pick smack dab in the middle of my bum???
  • Sneezing inside snowmobile helmets...ew...
  • Being the only one running around my school's indoor track when the whole boys lacrosse team comes up and starts jogging around the track.  Hello boys... don't mind my sweaty/bouncy/less-clothed-self-than-would-be-preferable over here...lap...after...lap...after...lap. 
  • Squirting water out of my mouth unintentionally when I yawn.  Does this happen to anyone else???
  • The fact that the lady who cleans our bathroom NEVER GIVES US ENOUGH TOILET PAPER so halfway through the week we have to go all undercover and steal toilet paper from places. Seriously... Oh look! They're cleaning south suite bathrooms. Go Becca! Grab an extra roll from the box! Now run!!!!!
  • Having run-ins with old ishes.(ISHES defined: one who you had and ISH with. [ISH  defined: not dating, but having a definite...well...ISH with the member of the opposite sex]). Yeah. We both recognize and saw each other but will proceed to walk past without any type of acknowledgement and both pretend we didn't see each other and that the other doesn't exist.... yeah....makes total sense. 
  • Walking on the sidewalk today and suddently falling FLAT ON MY FACE onto the sidewalk. Around a bunch of people. And to make matters worse, I got a big hole in my jeans. : ( boo.
Large awkwardly placed hole. Stupid klutziness

  • Boyfriend sent me flowers for Valentines day :) Check um out here
  • Today it was like freakin 50 degrees out. LOVE IT.
  • Camis from Costco. They are just so soft and comfy and the perfect length. 
  • Boyfriend has a job interview tomorrow. YAY. 
  • In Chem lab this week, we made ice cream. Seriously. It was to show changes of state from liquid to solid or something like that. Whatevs. BEST.LAB.EVER.
Obviously, making ice cream in lab means that it is a VERY DANGEROUS process. Lab goggles must be worn at all times. 

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  1. LOve this So great.. aww I am sorry you fell I hope you did not get hurt. Great Post!

  2. i wish our labs made ice cream. all i did was play with circuits, which are completely useless to me.

  3. How do you make those horrible lab goggles look so cute!?