Awkward and Awesome Thursday #6


  • In church this Sunday when the bible reader said "God is good" and I responded really loud with "all the time" but NO ONE ELSE did and then there was an awkward pause and then he just moved on.  Am I the only one who has been trained with "God is good...all the time...All the time...God is good."  It's called congregation participation folks.
  • Making a your mom joke to someone whose mom recently passed away. dangitdangitdangit.
  • The window into my harp practice room at school. People stop in the hallway sometimes and stare at me for an excessive about of time and i'm like....I can see you you know....
  • The male professor in my one class who always asks us how we are doing each morning.  This is how it went on Monday
    • Teacher: How are you doing today Rebecca?
    • Me: Bad
    • Teacher: Bad? Why's that?
    • Me: Because I dropped my bottle of perfume on the floor this morning and it broke and I watched $50 dollars evaporate into thin air...
    • Teacher: 50 dollars! what kind of perfume costs 50 dollars??
    • Me: Victoria Secret
    • Teacher:  errhh. oh. uh. ok. i didn't mean to pry...
      • hahaha. At least he didn't ask the name. "Desire by Victoria Secret." That would have been even more awkward.


  • Boyfriend got a job today! Yayyyyyy! 
  • I'm home for "spring break" (even though it's still winter?) I get to sleep in my own bed and see boyfriend everyyyyday
  • I hit 100 followers whoooohoooo
  • My SUPER COOL giveaway happening this weekend. Check back. Do it. Do it. 
  • Baby-sitting this little cutie-pie today:

This is my niece Miley. In the middle picture I told her to smile and say cheese. This is what she did instead lol.


  1. When I used to work I giddily asked a customer how her husband was doing. She had been shopping in our store FOREVER and I hadn't seen her in quite some time. She responded by informing me that her husband had passed away (hence her absence), then she broke into tears at the reminder. I had never felt more horrible in my life.

  2. I'm doing the Spring Fling giveaway too! Just wanted to stop by, say hi, follow your blog, stalk you a little... :-)

  3. When I was practicing medicine a woman and an older man came in with a baby. I said something about how nice it was the grandpa was coming along and he said "Um, I'm the dad." You should have seen me stammer to get out of that one!

    Found you on the Hello Friend Blog Hop and am now following you. I'd love it if you would follow me at Dropped Stitches.

  4. New follower here!
    Hope you have a chance to stop by and follow Mommy 2.0

  5. Great blog. Following from Follow Me Friday. I have 6 blogs, take your pick if you'd like

  6. very awkward...and kinda cute..we always say 'all the time' when our pastor says 'god is good' would love for you to share this post on my 'fridays unfolded' linky @


    stuff and nonsense

  7. Hi there--I'm just hopping around to the other blogs taking part in Spring Fling. I was sitting here laughing about your "all the time" moment. One in church my sister said the response. Everyone else did too, but she flipping bellowed it so you heard just her over the whole congregation. I almost wet myself laughing.

  8. I love that you do these posts - they always make me laugh!