5 minute survey, $5 reward!


So, you may know that I'm in school still, majoring in entrepreneurship.  I'm writing a business plan for one class and need help!!  I need some feedback from crafty ladies (It's a crafty business plan!!), and I need it relatively fast!

Can you help me pweasss?  I have a real short survey made up that should not take more than 5 minutes, and as a reward for filling it out I will give you $5 buckaroos off your next purchase at my etsy shop, whether it be next week or like 12 years from now. Won't expire. Promise. 

SO. If you can help, send me an email at mygirlishwhims@gmail.com with the word "survey" in the subject line, and i'll email you back the survey as a word attachment. Email me back the completed survey, and I'll send the details for your 5 dollar credit your way.    I'll accept like the first 15-20 responses. Thank you ladies!!!

Cause no one says it better than Uncle Sam...

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