Cafeteria Creativity: Frappuccino

Before I get on to my Cafeteria Creativity post, just a reminder that from now until Sunday you can get 20% off everything in my etsy shop  with the code WHIMSWINNER. And, the next three people to make an order will get a free pair of earrings!

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Time for a new Cafeteria Creativity post!  Since eating in the same college cafeteria every day for every meal gets a little old after awhile i'm starting a new topic of blog posts on using the basic ingredients that the cafeteria provides and making something different with them to help out my college friends!

Todays food item is a frappuccino!!

And it's seriously so easy. 

-Ice Cream
-Cream and Sugar (optional)


Step 1: Fill up a glass halfway with coffee. If you're into cream and sugar, go ahead and add it now.

Step 2: Add in a few scoops of ice cream

Step 3: Mix and enjoy

Yummm.  PS. Get outta here pouffy hair. 
So yummy and easy!!! Nice twist to a plain milkshake or cup of coffee.

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  1. I can't wait to get those pieces either. I mean, where was I gonna go wrong? With everything I got the ring, earrings, and shipping for $10 TOTAL! It was a fab deal in my book! Thanks for such a wonderful incentive. I just finished my skirt today and those earrings will look adorable with it.
    The tutorial will be up next week. In fact, we will have a weeks worth of tutorial is create a complete ensemble for ... wait for it ... $0.00! And you will see these beauties in some of my pictures. :)