Awkward and Awesome Thursday #8


  • How bad I am at cutting meat. Once this week, I was trying to cut some pork in the cafeteria and it flew off my plate into the aisle. Multiple people noticed.  Another day I was cutting roast beef and a peice flew off into my lap. Had to walk around with gravy stains for awhile.  Not. Cool.
  • Seeing a friend walk by, meaning to pat her arm, but instead patting her boob
  • Breaking my chair during my chemistry class. It's so not my fault. The chairs are old and dying. But now everyone probably thinks of me as the elephant girl who is so fat she BROKE HER CHAIR in the middle of class. 
  • How many people gave weird looks at my tights/boots combo this Sunday.  Yes, they are high heeled boots. Yes, the tights do have holes in them. No, these are not 5 inch black stilletto shoes and the tights are not fish nets. It is totally appropriate.  Patterned tights are SO IN RIGHT NOW.  Do you not understand this? You have all seen this part of my leg before when I've worn dresses.  Now that I'm putting patterned-with-holes-tights over them I'm suddenly a ho-ho??  hrumph.

  •  I'm going HOME for the weekend. And leaving a day early. So today!! Tonight boyfriend and I will snuggle. Which I so need right now.  Business Planning = most stressful class of my life. ahhhhh
  • Realizing that I could listen to Pandora on my iphone while at the gym, not just my limited music library.  Set it to a hip hop station: instant pump-me-up playlist that makes running soooo much easier. 
  • My little niece is turning two Friday! Party on Sunday. There will be a bouncy house.  I will be bouncing. 
  • When boyfriend calls me "darling dear"
  • I had my first sale on my etsy shop this week! (If your interested, there is a great deal going on now!)
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  1. I'm the same with meat (and even worse when I'm cooking, but my cat appreciates when meat flies in her direction).
    At least you have chairs to seat, because when I was at university, sometimes classes were so full we had to seat in the steps...
    People were staring at you in those boots because you looked HOT!

    Kisses and cuddles
    Enjoy your weekend:)


  2. You kidding? On Sunday I saw an woman wearing patterned tights and I told her how awesome they were. I think you pull it off well. Strut your glam, girl!

  3. What a fun post!! Thanks for sharing. :) Wanted to drop by and let you know that I showcased an item from your Etsy shop today at A Homespun Market Day. Thanks for linking to The Homespun Slate @ The Tattered Tag and good luck with sales! Please drop by and see...

    Drop by The Tattered Tag

  4. Ha Ha, You are so hilarious. I love reading your blog. You always have something to say that makes me laugh.

  5. Whoohoo! Congrats on your first sale! That is SO exciting! (I have $1 at the moment :( but I want your pretty things! Sooon....)

    ROFL @ patting your friend inappropriately ;) Reminds me of when I hugged my new sister-in-law and went to kiss her cheek, but kissed her ear instead. Awkward!

  6. haha If it makes you feel better, I totally didn't notice your awkward patting...I think you got half arm. :) But after reading this I'm really wishing I didn't skip chem the other day...poor chair!

  7. I liked all of your other outfits VERY much but sorry, those tights and half leg high heeled boots don't match (they'd look slutty (sorry) on anyone). Try with flat boots!!! :)

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