Awkward and Awesome Thursday #10

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  • Going over to a professor's house (he had students over for dinner, etc) and watching a movie and it coming to a sex scene. And it was really over-the-top/corny passionate. And there were a lot of us watching it. And we were at my professors house. And it was weird. And it was really quiet.  And then I just burst out laughing.  Yeah. I looked mature.
  • The same professor playing this video clip in class.Once again: Awkward. Quiet. Me busting out laughing.  I should really get a handle on that.
  • Wearing shoes without socks and them squeaking as you walk, and it sounds like little farts.  fart. fart. fart. fart. there goes farting footed Becca...
  • Dripping water down my cleavage during class while drinking from my water bottle. Especially when its cold!!! I just want to reach my hand down and wipe it off, but that would be REALLY awkward so I just do an awkward hug-my-chest thing as the water dries... 
  • Trying to open the door into one of the buildings here with what I thought was my ID card to unlock it. Actually, my ID card was in my right hand and my left hand was frantically waving The Comedy of Errors in front of the sensor for two whole minutes while wondering why in the world the door would not open. Classy. 
  • My new addiction to the show Sister Wives. Enough Said.
  • Once AGAIN having a bathroom cleaner who never gives our suite enough toilet paper! I've been forced to enter the freshman communal bathrooms with my purse and smuggle out wads like this to keep us covered....these freshmen must think I'm really strange.  There goes the toilet paper hoarder again...
Why do you hate us so much bathroom cleaner? WE JUST WANT TOILET PAPER.
  • I'm going home again this weekend!!!!! Yay!!!!!!! After classes today and a five hour drive boyfriend and I will be back together for the weekend :) 
  • Only 48 more days until this semester is over and it's summahhhh.
  • Today I schedule classes for my last semester in college EVER next fall. Whoooo.
  • Cheese. It's so good.
  • When people use my tutorials and then blog about it. I get so excited!!! Check this one out at Simple Home Life. She used my Paper Fan Banner Tutorial. Looks great!!
  • Someone told me I had a cute nose this week. No one has ever told me that before. Well, except boyfriend. But that hardly counts. He thinks every part of me is cute. Even them love handles. And let me tell you: they aint. <3 you boyfriend :)
Yeah, it's cute. No big deal.

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  1. Dare I ask what topic you're studying with that professor? LOL! And waving the Comedy of Errors instead of your ID card is kinda ironic isn't it?

    Ahhh, thanks for the giggle, toilet paper hoarder :) Hehehe!

  2. I always look forward to your awkward and awesome Thursday bit. It always makes me laugh :)

  3. Just use your hoarded TP to wipe the water from your cleavage in class. Problem solved. OH, and bust out laughing while you're doing it. Combine your awkwards :)

  4. You're so cute, you always make me laugh! love it!

  5. I'm with Rissa; what class are you taking?

    I also hate water in my cleavage and have an awkward obsession with Sister Wives. :)

  6. hiya visiting from girl creative x cute dog ! tfs hope to see you at mine soon