Awkward and Awesome Thursdays #9

  • The freshmen girls who decided that it would be a good idea to wrestle in the middle of the dorm hallway.  Excuse me as I step over your flailing limbs, but this is a public hallway ya know...
  • Giving a presentation in class and instead of saying "When Alan Blumlein grew up" I said "When Alan Blumlein blew up."  Everyone laughed.  Sad thing? He actually did blow up when he died. Plane crash. Sad day. 
  • Listening to a book on tape while driving home for the weekend, and it coming to a sex scene. (Don't judge I have to read this book for class!!) I had another passenger in my car.  uhhhhhh. 
  • Realizing my bright teal bra straps were showing allllllllll day yesterday. mannn.
  • When people pass you in the hall and say hi to you by name, but you don't know theirs.  "Hi Becca!" " great person you!!"


  • Advancing on to round 2 of the Charlie Sheen internship program.  85,148 people applied for the first round! Probably that many advanced on to the second round too haha I don't know.  I'm still proud.
  • Boyfriend calling me his cuddly koala. awwwwwww :)
  • At lunch, hearing this guy in the table over get a text and his ring tone was the Kim Possible ring tone.  My friend has the same ring tone and so we had someone text her and her phone made the same noise.  Kim Possible ring tone dude looked over and smiled in true appreciation.
  • Studying in my the atrium of the academic building at my school, and someone dropped their pen down from the second level. I totally threw it back up to them and made it. I was real proud.  Especially since everyone was watching me attempt to fling this pen up another story.
  • Going home this weekend and going to my neice's birthday party and bouncing in the bouncy house with all the little kiddies.  So fun haha

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  1. Haha...blew up. I woulda cracked up at that, too!

    Isn't that what makes life amazing? Those secret, shared little moments when we recognize parts of ourselves in each other ( like the Kim Possible ring tone )? One time I was in a food court and the girl sitting next to me had the same cell phone as I did and they rang at the same moment with the same awesome Jenny 867-5309 ringtone. Epic.

  2. Bahahahaha! I can totally hear the awkward silence fill your car as a voice-over reads a sex scene aloud. At least you didn't get any of the sound effects. LOL!

  3. I. LOVED. THIS. POST - I was drinking a cup of tea while reading and well,,, you know the drill. Very funny!

  4. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Love this post - it gave me a good laugh! Great felt flower tutorial too! Have a great weekend!

  5. I hate when I don't know a person who knows EXACTLY who I am... i usually just say "Hey!.... you! how are you?" haha...

  6. oh my - sex on tape in car - tooooooo funny!!! Made me laugh out loud, glad I wasn't in the middle of drinking something, that is always awkward.