Cafeteria Creativity: Pizza Bagels

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I'm continuing on with my Cafeteria Creativity series (see all posts here).  Since eating in the same college cafeteria every day for every meal gets a little old after awhile i'm starting a new topic of blog posts on using the basic ingredients that the cafeteria provides and making something different with them to help out my college friends!

Todays food item is Pizza Bagels!


-Tomato Sauce


Step 1: Toast your bagel

Step 2: Spread tomato sauce on top. 

Step 3:  Cover with cheese. I was fancy smancy and made two cheese pizza. Ohhh yeah.

Step 4: Pop in the microwave for about 45 seconds to a minute. Cover with some pepperoni and your done!

Mmmh so delicious. Much better than the pizza the cafeteria makes.  A little messy though...haha!


  1. Very nice!!
    1. I love pizza!
    2. I wish I had been this creative during my cafeteria days. :)

  2. Yum! I've made toaster oven pizzas with the kids on english muffins, but never bagels. This looks like a great afterschool snack. Thanks for sharing.