What I Wore Wednesday #9

Shirt: H&M. Jeans: Old Navy. Flats: Aeropostale. Necklace: I made.

 I know everyone and their mother has made one of these necklaces. I wanted one too! I've seen some being sold for almost 40 bucks though, which is crazyyyyy. I made mine for about three bucks. Felt, little bit of chain, clasp, thread, hot glue, and I used a tshirt to make the rosettes that I got at the dollar store. That's it!

 Shirt: Mark. Jeans: Old Navy. Boots: Payless. Necklace: I made.

Necklace look familiar?? I did a tutorial on it that got featured on five blogs. I FEEL SO LOVED. :)

 Gauchos: JCPennies? Macy's? Somewhere like that. Shirt: Thrifted. Blazer: Kohls. Shoes: Old Navy. Necklace: I made.

Worst pic everrrrrr.I had to take it at night and just could not get it to come out right. BUT i wanted to show you I bought something from a consignment store this weekend!! (If you read this post, you know I'm not a big fan of thrift stores... ) I was so proud of myself. 


Sweater: Forever 21. Pants: Old Navy. Boots: Payless. Necklace: I made.

I think I'm going to nickname this sweater love handles central. Except, that's a lame nickname. But that's what it is.  It gives no hiding place for those lovelies...lol.

 Sweater: Old Navy. Cami: Costco. Jeans: Old Navy. Shoes: Payless. Necklace: I made.

This necklace look familiar too?? I did a tutorial on it as well here.

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  1. You're so cute. I don't know if I wanna hug you or punch you.

  2. Love the rosette necklace! I still haven't made one for myself, but I need to!

  3. Love your necklace. That's the one type of rosette that I don't knwo how to make.