Awkward and Awesome Thursday #11


  • Trying to get my roommates to stop snoring without them knowing. I'm a light sleeper and can't fall asleep if people are snoring!! This is my latest technique: Snoring roommate.  I sit up in bed. Lean over my bed and whack roommate with pillow until snores are gone. Lay back in bed real fast and pretend to be asleep. Works like a charm so far.
  • Confusing my sayings.  Today I said "No such cigar" and was met with many confused glances.  Then I realized it was either "no such luck" or "close but no cigar." darn it.
  • Having a conversation with a cleavage/chest gawkwer  Hellooooo these are my eyes. On my face. I don't go around gawking at your belt buckle. Eyes. Eyes.  Eyesssss
  • Boys who open doors for me when I'm still like 30 steps behind them. I'm all for chivalry, but I really don't want you standing around waiting impatiently there for me as now have to run to the door. I actually do know how to open doors too thank you very much. 
  • Bathing suit shopping during class.  Should have realized this was a bad idea before the boy sitting next to me started gawking at my screen.  Little too many bikinis...
  • Sending people letters with Christmas stamps in March. If you want to stock up on stamps, DON'T do it in December.  I'm going to be using nutcraker stamps foreverrrrr.

  • The announcement I'm making tomorrow! Wheeeeee. Hint: Think link parties.
  • My giveaway for spring fling is Saturday!! Finally!!
  • I'm going to Ohio again for part of this weekend to hang out with friends.  I miss houses during college. They have these great things like couches and kitchens that is not found in my dorm room! They also do not kick boys out at midnight like my dormitory.
  • I was interviewed about my blog for the school newspaper!! coooool.
  • This comment I received  on my post yesterday: "You're so cute. I don't know if I wanna hug you or punch you." haha. made me laugh.
  • I got inducted into a honorary here yesterday! Fun fun. Also, on the handout they gave us, was this cool little text conversation between someone and their mom. Obviously, I had to reenact it with my mom. 

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  1. Your mom didn't use an exclamation point in her text. Obviously not as proud. haha jk. I can't wait to read about you in the Collegian! :)

  2. You're so cute. And i love your buttons, like on the sidebar :) are they new?

  3. Congratulations on Mortar Board...I'm a member at my school! And, I hope your rommates don't read this, or they'll figure it out (: