Link Party Announcement!!!!!!

I would just like it to be known.

That I'm starting my very own link party.  Pictures, buttons, features, and all!!! 


Introducing.... Your Whims Wednesday.

Your Whims Wednesday

I talk a lot about myyyy girlish whims on my blog. I want to start seeing and featuring some of yours too!!!

So, starting this Wednesday I'm starting a link party for you to link up your girlish whims from the week! Crafts, recipes, style tips, etc. If it's girly, I wanna see :)

Will you link up with me? Pretty please?? Feel free to add my button code awhile and add it to your list of linky parties. 

I even made a featured button!!

So cute. I kind of want one myself. Can I give myself a feature? hah. ok. stupid question. But YOU should want one so you should link up on Wednesday!!

Also, spring fling giveaways for the day are:

Fabric tray from Sena at By the Bluegrass

And a $25 dollar credit to Bare feet on the Dashboard from Becca at Bare feet on the Dashboard

My giveaway is TOMORROWWWW. Wheeeee.


  1. Your link party sounds great! I'm hosting one tomorrow!

  2. Can't wait for your first link party! I'm grabbing your button and posting it on my link parties page.