My Trip to England

In honor of the royal wedding going on today...I thought I would share some pictures from my weekend trip to England last semester!! In case you missed it, I studied abroad in France last semester and got to travel around a bunch, which was a blast.

One trip was a weekend trip to England.  When I mean weekend I mean like... 2 and a half days. That was it. TOTALLY worth it though.  Two other guys from my program, Ryan and Eric, and I went on the fun little excursion. Here are some pics of the trip!

PS: If you don't want to see the touristy photos skip to the end to see some funny quirky ones :)

Just about to cross the border for my first time ever!!! Pretty sure this picture was illegal to be taking...whoops....

Riding in a classic English double decker bus 

 We visited the changing of the guards....very hectic. Lots of people crowded around a little fence to see the fuzzy heads.

London has lots of pretty parks...I loved this homeless guy playing with squirrels since I love them so much haha.

This is the closet I got to one of those non-moving guard types.  He wiggled his nose a couple times...I was disappointed to say the least.

What trip to London isn't complete without a photo booth picture???

....and a visit to Big Ben...

Fact: it costs a ridiculous amount of money to go into most of the touristy site in London.  So we would walk to the place...take a picture from the outside...then leave. However, the British Museum was free so we could go in! Saw the Rosetta Stone. I feel so much more intelligent now. I could go out and learn 12 new languages RIGHT NOW...right???

Also saw some real live I mean dead...mummies.

 Saw the Tower Bridge

And London Bridge! Which is actually really lame looking compared to the Tower Bridge. Why do we all sing a song about this particular bridge?? It's just a concrete stretch across a river...not pretty at all.

Keeping things classy 

And had some good times in the hostel room.  Hostels are definitely  an experience...but overall I had a really good time staying in them. Meet some fun people, and you can't beat the price!!

Now...Fun Facts about London/the English

Apparently it's Happy Christmas...not Merry Christmas

I think London Bridge is going to fall down again...look at these cracks!!!

Apparently they have a large population of humped pelicans

They also apparently think everyone from PA like me belongs in a psychiatric ward....

And their bidet/toilets combos apparently are not easy to understand for American did not pee his pants...just had a little run in with a bidet... 

Other highlights of the trip:
-Saying words with accents like prooooogress and scccchule 
-Airport worker looking at my umbrella going through the scanner and saying "Were you expecting rain love??"
-Riding the tube. Don't I sound so cool? "Oh, let's just take the tube to Camden Town." No big deal.
 -ALMOST being cut off from my friends at the tube doors, and them having to force the doors to stay open so I could get on. I saw the doors closing...wanted to move...body wouldn' was like a bad dream!! Eventually I snapped out of my funk and hopped on real fast so I would not be stranded alone in the city...
-Singing the Glee version duet of Don't Stop Believing with the Karaoke man at a bar. I felt soooo cool.
-Listening to little English children talk. THEY HAVE THE CUTEST ACCENTS EVER.

Haha. That's all.  Happy Royal Wedding Day!


  1. EEEKKK! I'll be in London in about 4 weeks, in England in about 2! I also get to go to Liverpool! :)

    Thanks for sharing your pictures! I don't very much time in London, but I can't wait! I think your last picture is funny! I can't even imagine!!

  2. I want to go to London but the busy-ness of it scares me. But nothing tops the accent and the quaint phrases. Love the PA tee shirt--so funny they have it there.

  3. I am SOOOOO jealous!!! I wanna go so bad.
    And how stupid is it that I didn't know that there was a real Rosetta Stone?? **forehead slap**