What I Wore Wednesday #12

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Here's some outfits from...kind of the last week.  Getting engaged threw off my normal posting cycle.

 Scarf: France. Sweater: California. Purple Shirt: Rue 21. Jeans: Old Navy. Flats: Aeropastel. Ring: I made.

 Shirt: Kohls. Jeans: Old Navy. Shoes: DSW.

Fact: every time I wear this shirt I worry that my old roomie, who owns the same one, will be wearing it too.

Dress: Old Navy. Necklace: I made. tutorial here! Shoes: Payless 

PS. I got my hair cut between this picture and the last one...can you tell? Sigh, no not really haha. It's just a weee bit shorter length/bangs with a little more layers now.

 Dress: France! Necklace: American Eagle.

Yes, I know my shoes don't match. I really need some cute sandals for this new warm weather we are getting....hmm....must go shopping :)

Fun fact: this dress has buttons all up the back. According to my roommate, this makes it "sexy." Never knew buttons had such power...

Oh ya know...just sporting the new diamond.... eeeeeehhhh!! :D 

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  1. He liked it and he put a ring on it! Get it gurrrrrl!!

  2. I literally laughed my butt off reading the above comment!

  3. Blech.


    TOO cute!!! :)

    I love the DSW shoes, btw. :)

  4. I should have gone back to my room and put that shirt on. haha

  5. Congratulations bride to be! That's SO exciting!!! You're adorable by the way & I'm totally diggin your black dress from France!! It's beauuuutiful!

  6. haha, love the button thing! of course buttons= sexy. everybody knows that, right? ;)

  7. I love the pink shirt, that looks really cute! (And don't you just love love love those Old Navy dresses? I do!)

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your sweet comment! Feel free to visit often! ;)

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