Send me some Questions!!

Soooooo....due to recent life events I'm thinking I need to update my about me page.  Not exactly sure what to add/change if anyone has any suggestions or questions for me about my life, my crafting, my boy, why cheese has to have so many calories, why hedgehogs are illegal to own in Pennsylvania, the meaning of life, etc, etc, etc, I'd love to answer um. Leave me a comment? It would make me happy :)

PS. Don't forget to enter my giveaway with Little Country Bumpkins! It ends tonight!!

PSS. Best part about coming back to school after being engaged...ENGAGEMENT POSTERS WHOOOOOO


  1. Hi Rebecca! Congrats again! I think maybe a little story about how you and your fiance met would be nice... maybe also include a funny fact about you two or even a crazy story. Those are always fun!
    Hope that helps! Have fun! -Koyu

  2. Yay posters!! It was fun to make one for you!

  3. They made you posters??? That's awesome!!

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  6. Are you a Christian? :)

  7. I see your life very well. What the hell are you? You can share.
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