This is How I Feel About....Matching My Clothes

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Now. This is how I feel about matching my clothes.

I have a problem.  My outfits ALWAYS have to match. You will NEVER catch me wearing khaki and white, orange and red, or something like that.  Furthermore, I always have to coordinate everything I wear!! I match everything: shoes, shirt, jewelry, even underwear.  I mean, no one even sees my underwear. But the days when my underwear matches my outfit really well, I just feel extra good about myself.

Today for example, was a very good coordinating day.

Here is my gray: boots match my sweater which match my eyeshadow
Yeah, I know my face is really weird. YOU try and take a picture of yourself with your eyes closed and see if you do any better.

 And the maroon parts of the outfit: Tshirt matches the flowers in my scarf, which match my flower earrings

And that doesn't even include my underwear!!! (No I will not be making a picnik collage of that too, don't worry...)

So what do you think? Am I crazy?? Is there some weird medical term for those who obsessively compulsively match their outfits all the time??? Is the dark side (the land of unmatched outfits, duh) really not as bad as I think it is???


  1. Oh my gosh, I do the same thing. Even my undies! My husband always tells me it doesn't make a difference, no one but him is gonna see them and he doesn't care. (Secretly I know he's thinking he would prefer they didn't exist. Men!) But I know they don't match and it drives me nuts.

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment on my tutorial today! I think there is nothing wrong with being matchy matchy!! I do the same thing!