Guest Post: Isa from The M Chart

Hey Guys! Today I'm having my blogging friend Isa over to show you a project! Isa has a great blog full of great project ideas, but is having a slow start at blogging.  I've been following her for awhile now, and have loved the ideas!! I'd suggest stopping over and following or saying Hi, Isa is so sweet!! You will be glad you did :) Anyway, all the way from Portugal, here is Isa!!

Hi there!
I'm Isa from The M Chart


and I am so happy that Rebecca is having me here today! Wheeeeeeee!

I am a working mom of a 2.5 years old beautiful girl and I teach English to kids from 3 to 11 years-old. 
I love all things green, crafty and creative, but... most of all I love these two:
hubby-to-be and my daughter MarĂ­lia!

Today I'll share this little and super easy (just the way I like) tutorial on a Ruffled Headband:


Multiple fabric and tulle circles (different sizes are ok)
Elastic headband
2 pieces of felt
Glue gun

How to do it:

First, you have to fold the circles twice and cut the tips.

(it will look like this)

Then, do as you wish, either place 1, 2, or 3 circles, fold them more or less tight (as you want it more or less ruffled). and glue them to one of the felt piece.

Keep on until you covered all the felt piece.

Once you're finished pour some hot glue in the other felt piece, place the elastic band in the middle and on top your ruffled piece.

You're done!

If you enjoyed this little trip, don't forget to pay me a visit at The M Chart.

I will love to meet you there!

Thank you Rebecca! You're a STAR!

Thank YOU for sharing Isa! Great project, I think it would look cute as a smaller version on a clip too.  Lots of possibilities! If you liked the project, don't forget to head over to her blog and say hi!!


  1. Lovely headband! Shame my boys wouldn't appreciate them!

  2. I already know Isa and yes indeed she is the sweetest lady. I love her and her cool projects!

  3. This is so cute. I will def be checking out the M Chart to be seeing what else you make! Also I agree, it's so hard to get started blogging!

  4. That is adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh, I love it! Thank, Isa, for sharing this tutorial. (And thanks Rebecca for featuring Isa!)

  6. This is so super cute! I am really gonna try this one!

  7. Thank you so much again for having me Rebecca! You rock girl!