A Lovely Weekend & Giveaway Info & Twitter

Two quick announcements: I have a giveaway going on at Fairly Fabulous until tomorrow at noon pacific time. Check it out!

Also, I have twitter now! Won't you please follow me? I think I'm really going to enjoy this tweeting shinbiz. Follow me @MyGirlishWhims

Just thought I'd share some pictures from the weekend! I started working full time for the summer the day after I got back from college and haven't had a day off until this weekend. It was so nice to have some chill time!

Fiancé and I had our 2 year anniversary this past Thursday. With me blatantly telling him slightly hinting at the fact I would appreciate flowers, I got 24 roses at work, 1 for each month we had been together. *squee*

Here they are driving home with me for the weekend. Buckle up kids, it's the law.

We went out to the Melting Pot for dinner, and ordered the WHOLE SHEBANG!! Normally we are just cheap-oh and get cheese and chocolate fondue, but we sprang for the whole meal deal tonight. Maybe because FIANCÉ GOT A JOB OFFER this week for a real live big boy job! He's been working at Best Buy since college, but got an offer to work full time in the IT department of an engineering firm. Paid vacation, benefits and everything. Now we won't have to live in a box after we get married. Happy happy!

We got this little cutie (heart you Melting Pot peeps. even if you suck out our souls errr wallets every time we visit):

Not our best pictures ever. Oh well. It was yumbo.

Then Saturday fiancé and I went to a little banquet for the Civil Air Patrol (group he volunteers at and gets to do manly things with and feel important). Banquet was boring, but at least I got to dress up pretty! Like how we match? Yeah, I'm that girl who matches her significant other whenever possible. Don't judge.

Lovely weekend :)  PS. I'll be posting engagement pictures this week sometime. Yay!!


  1. You are funny. Love your quips. And I too heart the Melting Pot. My fave restaurant. If it didn't cost over $100 everytime, I would eat there all the time. The food is so worth it. Their lobster is to die for!

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  3. LOVE Melting Pot...but I've only been there once (discount during Restaurant Week = woohoo!) LOVE the flowers too! So sweet!

  4. Oh my I love that you buckled up your flowers, I have done that as well! And don't you LOVE The Melting Pot??? Yum yum...I adore that place!

  5. I'm following you on Twitter now...yay! And I'm happy that you had such a nice anniversary!!!

  6. HEY- I love the melting pot! And they never do that for ME. ha ha. You two are so cute. Love your MP pics. So fun to dress up for your banquet, too. Can't wait to see engagement pics! Hope you have lots of facebook well wishes from the giveaway! ;)

  7. Lol at your buckled in flowers!! Which are beautiful!! Aw young love!! I've always wanted to go to the Melting Pot! Yay for Twitter!! Although I have no clue what I'm doing!!

  8. Love it! You are so cute and I always love to read your blog! Sounds like a fun dinner! And congrats on fiancee's job!

  9. I wanted to comment on some things you posted (like that yummy looking chocolate covered strawberry) but that last thing you mentioned wiped it all away... I can't wait to see your engagement photos!

  10. Everything sounds Awesome! You are a lucky girl!

    apparently at the melting pot where I live there was a murder! It's all hush hush.

    LOL love how you guys match though! me and my man had super matchy shirts for a while. :)

  11. Congratulations on your anniversary... and on your fiance's new job offer! Sounds like exciting times are ahead for you!

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  13. Last week you go out with a pretty happy lover. I see two very beautiful couple

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