What I Wore Wednesday #14

Say goodbye to my dorm bathroom WIWW self-photos for awhile...no longer living there! Now I have to find somehow to take pics while at home... I got a couple pics from last week though!

 Dress: Ross: Jean jacket: Old Navy. Flops: Old Navy.

1: JEAN JACKETS ARE SO UNCOMFY!!!! I don't understand how people can wear them. I felt so restricted the whole day.  Funny how we can wear jeans on our legs everyday and be fine with it, but move that up top and it's miserable! 2. I was wearing cute earrings my friend Morgan gave me from Samoa! My hair is covering them...but they are there I swear. 3. I wore the earrings because it was Cinco De Mayo...yes...I know Samoa is not a hispanic country, but it was about the closet thing I had so I went with it....

 Shirt: Rue 21 (clearance for like 3 bucks). Jeans: Old Navy. Flops: Old Navy. Necklace: I made.

Top: Rue 21. Skirt: Delia*s. Flops: Old Navy. Necklace: I made.

When I spin in this skirt, it flares out real big. It's so fun. Except that one time I got carried away and spun so much I flashed someone...opps... 


Shirt: Forever 21. Capris: Kohls. Necklace: Cloud 9. Shoes: JCrew.

I LOVE THESE SANDALS. Even better, I traded handmade jewelry with my sister for them cause she didn't want them anymore, so they were free! Yay. Matching sibling shoe sizes make me happy.

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  1. I used to have an outfit almost exactly like what you wore on Saturday!! It was so comfy and I always got tons of compliments on it.
    That was when I was young and thin like you. :) Notsamuch anymore.

  2. i love your sunday necklace and shoes!!

  3. hmmmm... that's all i got to say about those "unseen" earrings.... hahaha ;-)

  4. I love the hot pink top! You're such a cutie!!