Awkward and Awesome Thur....idays.

Well, I was going to post this Thursday, but blogger freaked out. Thus, welcome to Awkward and Awesome Thuridays :)

-Going to the bathroom, and NOT BEING ABLE TO TAKE MY PANTS OFF. That’s right. I could not get my pants off. I had horrible images of being stuck in my pants for the whole day, having to go to work and not pee all day long, cause my PANTS WOULD NOT COME OFF. The little clasp thingers got stuck together and wouldn’t come undone. I had to rip it off to become free!!

-Using the ketchup dispenser at school, but it didn’t have much left so I kept pumping it hoping to get something, and then it just exploded the last of it's contents on me. on me. Ketchup barf.  EVERYWHERE. Awww mannn.

-My dad has recently gotten facebook, and keeps posting things about me. He takes unflattering picture of me with his iphone  and then posts them to his page with captions. There have been like 5 in a row.

-FiancĂ©’s geek squad outfit.  Yeah, that’s right, I’m engaged to a geek. An official one one! Haha. He just got his uniform. Clip on tie, glasses, and everything.  I think he looks more like a grandpa than a geek though…I'm glad he doesn't need glasses in real life.

- I hit 500 followers!!! Wheee!!!!!!! So excited!!!!!!! You guys are the bestest.

-My tutorial for tomorrow. It was in a magazine. Yeah, that's right. A real life magazine!! Woot. Come back tomorrow to check it out :)

-Schoooools out for summer! Except, I’m working full time reception at a very busy real estate company and have less free time than I did during school. Hrumph. It’s ok, gotta save money for that married life stuff!

-Speaking of weddings………I have an appointment to look at wedding dresses next week!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH.

-I heard through the grape vine that my boss thinks I’m very competent. I like being competent. I liked inadvertent compliments. 

-Albert Einstein called me at work. Yup, risen from the grave and everything. Haha. Well, at least that's what caller ID said...


  1. I'm sure that of all people dead or alive good old Albert WOULD be the one to figure out beyond-the-grave phone calls :)

  2. that Albert Einstein called you. Must've been really exciting ;)

    CONGRATS on 500 followers!!! So exciting!!

  3. I love that when I read your blog posts I can imagine everything happening to you and it makes me smile! School is out for summer!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. yay for wedding dress shopping!!!

  5. Wedding dress shopping!! SQUEEE!!!!