Awkward and Awesome Thursdays!

-One day last week, I legitimately forgot to wear a bra. This has never happened to me. I was late leaving the house for work and just threw a dress on really quick and ran out the door. It was only as I was running out of the post office in a quick stop before work did I realize I was a little more bouncy than normal...oppsies.

-Toe cleavage in flats. Is it ok? Is it not ok? I don't know. I need Stacey and Clinton.

-Trying to find a garter belt. I wore fishnets thigh-highs for my 1920s themed murder mystery party. I ordered them off amazon, and I just got thigh highs so I wouldn't have to worry about them fitting over my hips-that-don't-lie because I was just ordering it online. Alas, thigh highs don't really stay up your legs very well. So, the day of the party I legitimately went to 6 stores trying to find a dang garter belt, because I guess that's what you use to hold thigh highs up!! I asked one lady in one store, and she looked at me like I was a sleaze ball and said "you'll have to try Fredericks or Victoria Secret for that" *judging eye ball roll* I just wanted to hold my stocking up!! I'm not an icky sleaze ok??

-Having to pull my stockings up my legs all night of aforementioned party because I never found a garter belt. There is really no discreet way to do that.

-These toilets. I know women like to go to the bathroom in pairs, but this is taking it to a whole new level. And yes, your eyes work fine. There is no stall between these babies.

-The unlimited supply of coffee I get at work. Nothing makes a receptionist more happy than bottomless coffee cups all through work :)

-Yogurt, granola, and fresh strawberries. MHH YOU ARE SO GOOD

-Deciding to take my real estate classes online this summer instead of in person. Now I get to see fiance much much more than I would have :)

-Gilmore Girls boxed DVD sets. luurrveee

-I started working on my centerpieces for the wedding already! It's very exciting. And time consuming. But I'll be sure to post when they are done :)


  1. haha I've seen toilets like that before and did the same thing... took a picture and walked out. lol. who came up with the idea anyways? so funny!

  2. Your awkwards and awesomes are the best! My favorite is the double toilet; so so funny!

  3. I think I had the same face you have in your pic about those toilets....Ewwww....

  4. Actually I got a very nice one a VC because my thigh high's never stay up...and come to think of it I got a very nice blace one with a tiny turquoise bow on it from Fredricks. I suggest you check the sale rack, most of the decent stuff ends up there =)

  5. Eww to the toilet seats. Too weird for me!!

  6. That's just bizarre. I try to avoid using bathrooms in public. I'd probably walk out again if I came across some double toilet action with no wall. I guess it comes in handy if you run out of toilet paper. You just turn and ask the person sitting next to you or squatting as the case may be.

  7. Eww so weird!

    Congrats on taking real estate classes. That's really exciting. I totally agree online classes is the way to go!

  8. I have never seen toilets like that! Except in those nightmares where you have to go to the bathroom, but you have no privacy. I almost suggested just going to Frederick's, but then got to the part where that was part of the judgemental eye roll. These Awkward and Awesome always make me laugh! Thanks for sharing!