Awkward and Awesome Thursdays

-When you adjust yourself on a chair or move your arm on a desk and it makes a farty noise. And if you're with people you know they say, "did you just fart" and you say "no, it was the chair, see!!" and you try to make the noise again. Of course it won't. What's even worse is when you are not with someone you know, so your chair/arm just makes a farty noise and you wonder if that other person thinks you are a icky farter.

-Slits in the back of skirts that you forget about. so they ride up some, and the skirt is still a decent length, but the slit up the back is showing half of my bum to the world.

-Speaking of skirt backs....walking around ALL DAY with dried yogurt and granola from breakfast on the back of my skirt. on my butt. all day. in two different offices at work. thank you so much, mother, for being the only one to point that little tid bit out to me.   Too bad you were 8 hours to late to save my dignity.

-Wearing panties with sequins on them. seriously, what is the point of sequin panties. They would really only ever be useful if I made a habit of dancing on tables at a bar clad only in my underwear. Then maybe the sequins would be appropriate. However, i do not make a habit of dancing on tables in my underwear, so thus these stupid itchy panties that I bought because ooooh they are sparkley and I like sparkely thingssss are very annoying and awkward to itch at all day.

-Sleeping on the side of the bed closet to the window, and waking up to a fresh breeze and sunny day right beside my face. best waking up ever.

-Going for rides late at night in fiance's jeep with the top off.

-The pretzel salad I made for a dinner with friends this week. They had never even heard of it before. Have you? Three delicious layers off buttery/sugary pretzels, cream cheese/cool whip, and jello. Hello delicious.

-I FINALLY ordered my save-the-dates. For $8.95 baby!! I'll do a post about them after I receive them.

-My new silver sandals I wore with my outfit today. I looked everywhereeeeee for silver sandals I liked, and eventually found a cheap, cute pair at payless. win. win.


  1. bahaha to the "farting"...yogurt on the back of the skirt (have done this too many times)...and can't wait to see the save the dates!!

  2. Akward indeed, but the window open wake up sounds delicious!

  3. So true-all of these!! Cute shoes!

  4. Very cute sandals!
    I'm wondering who thought it would be a good idea to MAKE sequined panties. LOL
    Can't wait to see your Save the Dates and we need a post with pictures and recipe for pretzel salad, girl! :)

  5. I'm laughing at the sequin panties one! HI-larious! Great outfit, btw!