Outfit Post & Early Birthday Present!

I sported a great thrifted find in my outfit today!

Shirt: Old Navy. Skirt: Thrifted. Belt: Rue 21. Shoes: Payless. Necklace: H&M

I found this great houndstooth skirt at a salvation army for 2 bucks! I originally had it set aside to refashion because if I wore it on my hips it was an awkward length...but then I realized if I hiked it up a bit & belted it the length would be perfect!

Houndstooth is more of a fall/winter pattern I'd say.... but summer had been cooling down over this way. I think fall is right around the corner. 

In other news, I got an early birthday present from my parents! My birthday is not until Sept. 21st, but I'll be away at school then so I got my gift now...
The sewing machine I had registered for! Wahoo!! Now when I move out I will have my own, and not have to come use my mom's all the time. Now I REALLY have to learn to make something besides pillows...eck! We'll see how this goes :)

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  1. Before I even read the post I was thinking, Ooh, I love that skirt. And with that belt ... Then you said you got it for $2 ... Sah-weet! It looks so great with your hips. I only wish ...!

    Happy early b-day BTW. When is yours? I'm the 28th. The hubs has a whole day planned for me, babysitter included. I can't wait. This momma could use a break.

  2. rebecca--that outfit is killer on you! you look beautiful and happy birthday :)

  3. that is CUUUUTE! And for $2?! You need an award! Happy Early Birthday!

  4. Hi Rebecca, great outfit. Now you can start making skirts like that with your new machine! I always look at the thrift store for patterns, the "see and sew" ones are super easy and they are the best to get you out of just making pillows. I will post on my blog about a patter I found for a pinafore, 25c pattern, 10c facing and free frabric and thread...it took me less than 1 hour to make it! You will have so much fun having a machine of your own!!

  5. That skirt is beautiful! I love houndstooth. And that it's from a thrift store makes it even better!

    Have fun with that sewing machine!

  6. 2 bucks? Egad. That would look do hot with boots, too!

  7. Great skirt and SCORE on the early present :)

  8. Rawr! I love that skirt! Congrats on your sewing machine :D Can't wait to see what you create with it!!