Packing up For School. One. Last. Time.

Yes, that was our living room about 30 minutes ago. 
That wasn't even all of it either.

I leave bright and early tomorrow morning to make the western trek to the other side of Pennsylvania to go back to school. I don't know where summer went, but can it please come back and stay for a bit???

It has been a very busy summer. I started working as a receptionist at a real estate company the morning after I got back from school....and pretty much worked all summer until today at 5. Then I packed like a mad woman and sweated a lot packing up all my clothes and shoes and crafting supplies to take back to school with me. 

While I am always sad when summer comes to an end, I'm a little more comforted with year. Yes, I still have to leave home and my man (no fun!!) but i'm happy in knowing that I only have ONE MORE SEMESTER to  get through. Come December, I will be graduated and D-O-N-E DONE! I turn 21 soon too...and I'm rooming with three really good friends at school, so I'm excited to hang out and have fun and have one last hurrah before coming home and getting married about 2 months after I graduate (squee!!)

Anyway. Life will be a little crazy for a bit while I get settled in, but I'll be back soon with probably more outfit photos (school has such good mirrors for it) and awkward and awesome Thursdays....because some how campus life always gets awkward for me. heh heh heh. Have a good weekend all! 


  1. Good luck! Your semester will go by so quickly...and what fun things to look forward to!

  2. Good Luck!!! You'll see time will fly:) And you'll be back in no time!!!

  3. I remember packing up for college and I practically took my whole life with me!

  4. All the very best for this last semester.