Pictures of Bead Fest!!

Once a year, one of the GREATEST bead shows in America comes to my town.


Sorry. I get a little excited when it comes to Bead Fest. Over 300 booths of jewelry suppliers + 1,000 or so bead hungry women = mass bead shopping chaos. 

This is what you see as soon as you walk through the admission doors:

Yeah, lots and lots of shoppers. But after you wrangle yourself through the crowd, this is what else you find:

Millions and billions of BEADS!!!

And the shopping is intense. Women tote around suitcases to store all of their purchases from the day: This is one of the smaller ones I saw...

I saw the world's "almost" longest neckace....

And shelled out a buck for the charity behind the necklace.  
I was bead number 12,050.  Oh yeah.

Here are my purchases from the day:

I'm currently on a "start saving for real life" spree so I didn't buy as much as I have in past years.  I hit up the $1 strand deals, and love what I bought! All this was only $24. Plus, I got free admission to the show (normal admission is $12) so altogether not bad!!!

Can't wait to start beading with it all!


  1. That's a long necklace! Why 'almost longest'? There's a necklace out there that's longer? Your discipline is admirable... I would have squandered an entire month's salary without thinking of any future if I see those many beads so accessible in one area :)

  2. That's cool! I would have been overwhelmed and fainted...but I love em!

  3. Ok I'm making multiple comments here!....
    so jealous of the bead show and you got some great stuff!
    your wristlet turned out great!!!
    fabulous thrifted skirt!!! And yay for a sewing machine!!!

  4. Sommer, it does travel somewhat, not to many places though. You can check out their website, I think it also goes to Texas. The innovative bead show is another one that travels more around the north east