Weekend at the Poconos

I went away to the Poconos (mountain area here in PA) this weekend with hubby-to-be's family and thought I would show some photos!

This is my man setting up a hammock to sleep in....

This is how far away the house is from where he set up his hammock...

Why he chose to get up close and personal with nature while there were beds like 10 feet away....I will never understand. 

Yes, he did sleep like that. Two nights. With rain.

Silly boys. At least he's cute :)

I tried it out. Don't mind the pjs and glasses. Comfy, but I prefer beds indoors thankyouverymuch.

The rental house sat right on a beautiful lake. It was so pretty to wake up to! 

 We saw some bambis very up close and personal!!

And overall, had a nice weekend away :)
Don't mind his white little tummy. He doesn't like tanning at the beach like I do heh heh heh :)

What were you up to this weekend??

PS: My save the dates came yesterday! I'll post on them later this week :)


  1. Oh how fun! I agree with you. I'll take the air conditioned, comfy, indoor bed anyday hah!

  2. oh this brings me back! my family and i would go to the poconos for long weekends :) loved these photos and i was cracking up at your photo captions!

  3. So jealous! That looks like a ton of fun!

  4. That looks so fun! Except. NO way would I sleep in that hammock. I wouldn't be able to. LOL

  5. I would have loved to spent the night on hammock. I am after hub's life to go out for camping but he is just not interested :(

    Your trip looks like real fun!

  6. Wow, that looks like a beautiful place! I'm with you on sleeping inside though - as much as I like hiking and swimming I would get eaten alive by mosquitos if I slept outside in a hammock overnight! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! :-)