Weird Fall 2011 Fashion Trends

While browsing some websites about the new fall fashion trends for 2011, I saw a lot of cute trends, but also a lot of things that made me go whaaaattt???  Here are these whaaaattttt???? moments, and my comments on them for your reading pleasure. 

Leather Harnesses

How could this ever be practical?? Who wakes up and thinks, "Hm. I think today would be a great day to wear my LEATHER HARNESS" Let's think of the connotations here....bondage. straight jackets. maybe a base for an adult leash? None of these are sounding fashion forward to me...just creepy

Sheer Maxi Dresses

Ok. I'll be honest. I do have some pairs of panties that I like a lot. I like them so much that if it was socially acceptable, I would like to show them off.  Ok. Here's the big thing though. IT'S NOT SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE TO WALK AROUND WITH YOUR UNDIES ON DISPLAY. Look at the picture on the left. See the guy smiling in the background? Yeah. He's probably thinking "hehehe I see your pantieeees." What's even worse is when they choose to not wear undergarments at all! I edited the other picture. We must think of the children.

Extreme Plunging Necklines

You know, I'm actually all for this trend. I just don't think we are taking it far enough. I think I'm going to start cutting the necklines off all my shirts down to my belly button. I have a pretty cute innie. I think it deserves to be seen. hah. Puhhlease note the sarcasm folks. 

Fur Sleeves

Alright. As a resident female who has been blessed with slim to no arm hair, let me set something straight. Sure. My arms get cold sometimes. But not so cold that I feel like wearing a small animal on each arm!!! We slim-to-no-arm-hair females appreciate you reaching out to us, but we politefully decline your proposed solution to the fall chill.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the fur sleeves? Do you sport your leather harness on a regular basis? Or what are some other funky trends you've seen?

Check out this great resource:

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  1. OH my gosh, I loved your plunging neck line comment, really made me laugh...and I so agree. Who comes up with these things?!

  2. I just died laughing at this post, Becca. Your comments are SO TRUE! The harness is the most absurd thing I've seen in a while.

  3. WHAT?! You don't love the leather harness? Guess I won't be posting the tute I made for "Own Your Own Customized Harness"...too bad, I thought it be a hit! :) LOL!....
    I agree...what IS UP with these gross trends...God help me if I ever see a person actually sporting them, cuz I'll remember your hilarious comments and burst out laughing!

  4. The plunging neckline photo also comes with a sheer skirt displaying the panties. Hahaha! I would love to see someone actually walking the streets wearing those.

  5. while I find most of these ugly, I must confess I like the sheer maxi dresses. (with undies and bras) I think it's daring. I'd never wear it, but I find it interesting as a high fashion aesthetic.

  6. Ohh man, those are some "awesome" trends XD The other day I saw someone in a sheer maxi dress but with a camisole and short petticoat underneath, that wasn't quite as bad but still not my thing :-/

  7. I suppose some people might like these items, but really, are they at all practical for cold weather?! I could just imagine some snotty nosed child using those sleeves to wipe their nose, eewww! Kinda hoping that the clothes stores don't use these as their inspiration!

  8. Hold on...I can't type with this harness getting in the way.... I was going to comment on the creepy panties guy but it looks like you took care of it :)

  9. Ahahah! This post rocks, really, lol!
    Now, there's something for you in my blog:) Go check it! Kiss

  10. mmmm yes - can't wait to wear my leather harness to school next week. ;)

  11. Love your commentary! So true. I don't get that stuff either.

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