Fall Things I'm Liking this Weekend

The cute...ish pumpkins we carved on my hall today. And the cute little wood pumpkins we got and now make our window so cute. 

Mine is the one on the right...I tried to give it eyelashes and make it girly but it just looks a little weird...

This glazed apple and walnut scent from Avon. I spray it on/wash it on/rub it on and just smell so deliciously like fall :)

Pumpkin whoopies pies I made this weekend. SO GOOD.

Fall things I'm not liking: 

Pumpkin guts. I don't know how people just stick their hands in there and dig that stuff out (I used a little shovel).

and rain. lots of rain. But at least I get to wear my cute rain boots and hat :)

Happy first day of October! I'm off to set my pandora to a chill station, plug in the lantern lights above my desk, and motivate myself to write some of this darn paper before rewarding myself with project runway. And maybe some more sniffs of my glazed apple walnut spray. 

freaking love that stuff.

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  1. I looooove the Avon glazed apple scent. Like, too much. I get very hungry every time I shower.

  2. I don't like pumpkin guts either. Ewwwwwwww.

  3. Pumpkin guts are SICK.
    But I LOVE fall! :)

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