Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale

Starting NOW: Black Friday through Cyber Monday 35% off your total purchase from Your Girlish Whims!!

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Sheet Music Charm Necklace

Gold Flower Charm Necklace

Key Charm Necklace

Anthropologie Inspired Wire Dangle Earrings

Blooming Hearts Bracelet

Blue Hoop and Dangle Earrings

Pearl Button Ring

Avoid the masses and shop for some pretty handmade jewelry from the comfort of your own computer chair. Or couch. Or lazy chair in the living room while waiting for the dang turkey to finish cooking like I am doing right now. Come on bird. Raise that temperature.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Shopping!!!


  1. Ooooh, I might have to go shopping on line! :)

  2. hey! congrats to the winner!!!! big favor, I was wondering if you will you let your readers that didnt win that they have another chance! my shabby apple giveaway will go up on monday? thanks! via fb, twitter, whatever...